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Aim not for what you are, but for what you could be. -Lucas Hellmer

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watch the IMDB Top 250 movies it out

I haven’t been keeping track of where I am on this list….turns out I have seen 97/250 right now…...I will keep plugging away at this. Actually I own lots of these on DVD, which made it kind of easy….

play the piano as well as I used to
Shaking off the rust

I am going to play again….I have played off and on for most of my life. I had about 3 or 4 years of lessons when I was young and it took. I have always loved playing. I especially like classical piano and soft jazz styles.

I am going to practice at least 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week. There are several difficult songs that I have the music to that I would like to be able to play by the end of this year.


Type 100 WPM
Time to step it up

I have never typed faster than 65 wpm….but that will change. I probably only type 40some now, and have gotten into a few bad habits, not always touch typing, etc.

I will try to get to 100 wpm by the end of this year. I will track my progress and let you know how I am doing. It is a productivity thing….if I type faster then I write emails, program, etc…...all faster. Sometimes it is great to just take my time and give thought to everything, and other times I need my fingers to fly…..

I had a friend in school that typed around 120….I was sooo jealous….ahem…...I mean inspired :)

100 wpm would sure be a great enhancement to my skills. Stay tuned…

get in the best shape of my life
No More BS....

2011 is going to be my year….I just need to put it all together….

No short-cuts….I know how to eat right and I know all of the workout routines, etc. I have all of the equipment and I have a club membership so I can swim and supplement with other equipment that I do not have. I will put it all together now.

Eating right and religiously following my cardio and weight program will see me exit 2011 in my best shape ever….:)

exercise and stretch every day (read all 2 entries…)

Ok….I have failed miserably lately on this. I have been buried with work and reading and have not prioritized this like I need to.

New year, new habits!

I will do this and reap the benefits of a live well lived. I always feel sooo much better when I put exercise into each day. I am not sure why it seems so difficult sometimes. How stupid. I resolve to do much better on this…..much, much better :)

It would be perfect if I could just kick my ass out of bed at 4:15 or 4:30a and exercise each morning before work. I think I will try it at least a couple of days this next week.

Read more books
Do computer manuals count?

I got a Kindle for Christmas….yippeee! This will make reading more books even easier. Although I am usually a purist where books are concerned, where I love and appreciate the feel of the pages, the smell of a leather binding, etc., I have come to realize how foolish it is for me to carry around 50 lbs of books all of the time. I have been reading many books on programming for work, which I converted to the Kindle format, but I also got several others that I am looking forward to reading, such at Atlas Shrugged, THe Lord of the Rings, and Hackers. I was wavering between the iPad and the Kindle, but asked for the Kindle because I thought I would be able to read it longer (no glare).

And I can still have the computer manuals too…(not as fun but needed for income-producing purposes)

Start a book of quotes that inspire me
Still collecting.....

I have been gradually collecting quotes…..I probably have around 30-40 now. I will start posting a few here from time to time, as many are motivational in nature. Some I just collect because I think they make a good point about life, love, happiness, etc….

Actually what inspires me almost more than anything is to meet friends here and see them accomplish goals, sometimes in spite of unfavorable circumstances. 2011 is going to be an amazing year :)

wake up early (read all 2 entries…)
Done :))

Ok…..this isn’t quite the way I imagined I would complete this goal, but I will take it. I got a different job – one that requires me to be at work by no later than 7am…...obviously this means that I wake up early now. Although I still certainly consider myself an evening person (ok…..vampire) and would stay up until 3 or 4am if I had my choice, I now wake at 5 or 5:30a….every morning. Actually, I would prefer to get up by around 4:15a so I could exercise before work, but that is covered in a different goal.

Bottom line is….I have had no choice but to wake up early….but I will take it. I really hate getting to bed before 12, but to bed I go, kicking and screaming (ok, not really)....:)

Since I have been doing this for over 2 months now, I consider this to be complete.

Get more sleep (read all 4 entries…)

It has been around 4 wks and I have been averaging at least 7 hrs per night. Some nights I have slept around 9 hrs. You would probably need to know me to really appreciate this, as I have tended to live kind of like a vampire, staying up almost all night and getting almost no sleep…for years at a time.

I made this a priority because I am trying to make steps to improve my health and energy levels, and from what I have been reading over the last few years there is a major link between sleep and health. So…….I am changing some ingrained habits. I am going to keep getting a 7 hr min sleep, with a goal to average 8. The success in this is simple. Make it a priority. Sometimes I want to stay up later or get up earlier, but I am forcing myself to adhere to these goals so it becomes a habit.

I am happy that I have been able to conquer this after 20 years of very little sleep.

take the 43 Things personality quiz
Good or Bad??.....hmmm......

It says I am a:

Organized Self-Knowing Extrovert

0.70% of the 233495 people who have taken this quiz are like you.

exercise and stretch every day (read all 2 entries…)
Starting this now!

I went to the club to workout this week and worked out at home a few times. I need to track my time spent to make and reach specific goals on my health, weight, etc.

It felt really good to hit the weights pretty hard, though, for the first time in a few months. Looking forward to really getting back into the swing of things on this. Nothing feels as good as a great workout at the gym…..well, ok….nothing that I will discuss here, anyway ;))

Get your mind out of the gutter….

stop drinking soda (read all 6 entries…)
Small setback, but back on the horse

I had a couple of coke’s last weekend, as I was out of town….

Stupid, stupid, stupid…..

Ok, back to drinking more water and no soda…confession is good.

Not feeling great about cheating, but am still doing great overall, as a couple of cokes in almost 3 weeks still isn’t bad. Since I am such a melancholy type-A, though, I must beat myself up a bit before resuming the battle. Good to go now…

Get more sleep (read all 4 entries…)
Almost complete on this

I have been getting MUCH more sleep over the last few weeks. I think I have been getting around 7+ hours per night on at least 6/7 days per week, which is astounding for me. Since this goal has been my #1 priority, I know that it will pay dividends in many other areas, like how I feel, overall health, etc….

Another week or two like this and this baby is closed!!

Feeling sooo good about this :D

stop drinking soda (read all 6 entries…)
Oct 20th is the day

October 20th will be 7 weeks in a row and I will consider this to be complete! I have went 11 days now without any soda…...(kind of a miracle). It is getting much easier now. I am really happy that I am doing this.

Make new friends
No Progress Yet

I need to put myself out there and socialize more. I tend to be a bit too much of a brooding academic type, spending more time with books, computer, and learning than is probably healthy.

I resolve to get out more!

spend at least 10 minutes every day cleaning, organizing or decluttering
A Cleaning and Sorting Machine

I have cleaned and sorted tons in the last couple of weeks…..sorted cords, my storage room, my office and rec room, including cable ties everywhere for neatness…..need to make sure I don’t go overboard though. Looking sweet. I should be able to check this task off next week when my entire house is perfectly cleaned and sorted.

stop drinking soda (read all 6 entries…)
Day 9....getting easier

The craving is starting to subside and it is getting a bit easier every day. I am looking forward to permanently eliminating soda as a part of my life. My health is thanking me already :))

stop drinking soda (read all 6 entries…)
6 days and counting....

I will not say it has been a cakewalk, but I have went six days so far without any soda. I am sure it will get easier with time….(I hope).

Just a small dent in the battle to get healthier :)

drink more water (read all 2 entries…)
Doing better, but a long ways to go

I am drinking a bit more, but not nearly enough. My goal of quitting soda will really help here. I will consider this task finished when I have averaged 7 glasses of water per day each week for 7 weeks in a row. 7 weeks = 343 glasses min.

Floss Every Day (read all 2 entries…)
My criteria for completion

I have decided that I will consider this goal to be complete when I have finished 7 weeks in a row where I flossed a minimum of 5 times. So far, I have completed two weeks, and my teeth and gums are thanking me!

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