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  1. 1. study art history
    79 people
  2. 2. be an expert at something
    48 people
  3. 3. Change the oil in my car
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    25 people
  4. 4. get out of debt
    12,194 people
  5. 5. start a scholarship fund
    103 people
  6. 6. get a cat
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    892 people
  7. 7. hurry up and get done with this 43 fuckin things
    2 people
  8. 8. chop down a tree with an axe
    3 people
  9. 9. date more.
    250 people
  10. 10. conquer SPSS
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    1 person
  11. 11. Win the club championship
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  12. 12. golf under 90
    23 people
  13. 13. Try acid
    292 people
  14. 14. Create a personal recipe book
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    720 people
  15. 15. never pay credit cards again
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get a six pack (read all 4 entries…)
jump rope instead

This is a bs goal. Instead I bought a jump rope and I feel healthy. Let’s be honest, it’s about feeling healthy.

Buy a House
Bought a condo

My advise: buy something with as many bedrooms as you can afford and rent out all the rooms. Life is a long race – this is a best case situation to amass some money and plan the rest of your life. But beware, I bought and the housing market is still going down the tubes. You can not. I repeat, can not but a house based on financial profits. I don’t care what you think you know or what you’ve been told. You’re living in that space. If you treat it like an investment you’re living the wrong kind of life. Instead, treat it like a home. When you buy it it’s only a house. Your goal should be to make it a home. If your goal is to earn 10% a year then gfy.

write a book on management (read all 4 entries…)

I figured out that managment is about managing things and processes…I’m more of a leader…of people. Managment sucks and I’m too jaded to tell other people that they should excel in their managment endevor….first, the lawyers, then the managers!!!

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