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  1. 1. Get a tattoo
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  2. 2. be more positive
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  3. 3. Write a manuscript
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  4. 4. Keep a journal
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  5. 5. Weigh 58 kilos
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  6. 6. get a degree
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  7. 7. write a screenplay
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  8. 8. Learn Portuguese
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  9. 9. read the Lord of the Rings series
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How to lose weight
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Keep a journal

I started keeping a journal three days ago, and so far I’m doing goof. A couple of pages every day and I’m enjoying myself. I think it’s very good to write about your feelings in stead of cropping them up.

Write a manuscript
2013 resolution!

This is more what I want to do after I finish my writingcourse. After the writingcourse I know the steps and tips and tricks to writing an amazing manucscript. I can’t wait, because my dream is to publish a book one day. I don’t expect to publish a book already in 2013, but to finish a manuscript, that has to work!

Have a 100 visitors on my blog! (read all 2 entries…)
Way past the 100!!

I wanted to have 100 visitors on one day on my blog. Today I hit 190! I posted my blogurl in a comment on some blogpost where we could spam our blogurls, so yeah. 190 :D

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