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attend a black tie event (read all 2 entries…)
ok they are not all bad

Went to a great one the other night. Ignorded all the people caught up in the wonderfulness of themselves and watched a great concert and enjoyed myself. Who knew!

compile a 100-things-about-me list
1-50 (part one of two)

1. Every day I make sure I dance and sing…even if its when I’m cleaning the house.
2. Cats freak me out – they never blink for Gods sake!
3. I consider my dog to be one of the family, and Yes I buy her christmas presents.
4. I think Ferris Bueller is the happiest movies ever made.
5. I think the Princess Bride is the most hopeful movie ever made.
6. My guilty reading pleasure is Stephen King.
7. I always look for the good in people first. Always.
8. I like to make funny little noises on packed elevators just to make people squirm.
9. Once a year, I have been know to indulge my passion for tequila.
10. Also once a year, usually after indulging the above mentioned evil drink, I swear off of tequila forever.11-15
11. I’m scared of butterflys.
12. I am unwaveringly loyal.
13. If I lose respect for someone I have a hard time being around them.
14. I have a built in BS meter. I can spot a lie and a liar at 30 paces.
15. I have found that forgiveness isnt about weakness and giving in, but about inner strength and letting go.

16. I like who I am and who I am becoming.
17. I have a wicked sense of humour.
18. I talk to strangers and smile at grumpy people.
19. I am a sucker for a sappy 70’s 80’s love songs.
20. Strangers tell me thier deepest secrets.
21. I believe in ghost but have no desire to see one.
22. I have no fear of dying. I am not ready yet, but I do not
fear it.
23. If I didnt have to I would never wear shoes again, but I also have a passion for high heeled sandals.
24. For me, a world without music is a world not worth living in.
25. I tried to go blonde once, one word….horrible!
26. I have eaten curried goat…twice.
27. I skipped the goats head soup…the eye kept looking at me!
28. I have a couple of regrets…but I wouldnt change having done them. Lessons learned.
29. I prefer stick-shift over automatic.
30. I drive with my top down (car) all year….unless its raining.
31. I have always lived within two blocks of the beach..except for two years(miserable)and could never imagine not living near the water.
32. I ski (not snowboard) fast.
33. I have never broken a bone.
34. I do not watch a lot of tv.
35 I will do anything for you, but if you take advantage of me
I will walk away and not look back.
36. I am a non-violent person, but if someone hurt someone I loved I think it would be hard for me to stay that way.
37. I have a twin brother…and no we are not identical (think about it!

38. I am an unrepentant flirt.
39. I still wish upon the first star at night.
40. I believe the universe wants only the best for me. I try not to get in the way of that.
41. I think that George W needs a slap upside the head.
42. I think that professional athletes are overpaid and Teachers are underpaid.
43. I love to garden.
44. I own powertools and know how to use them!
45. I love lace panties.
46. I sing and dance in my seat at every concert I go to. If you dont like it..go to a symphony, I’m not sitting down.
47. I love airports and airplanes.
48. I hate having my picture taken.
49. I am extremely open about some things but I am extremely private about others.
50. I never kiss and tell.

make a list of all the things I believe
here goes

I believe that: Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
I believe that: the only thing that holds us back from greatness is fear.
I believe that to dance and laugh and sing is the best gift we can give ourselves.

to be continued…

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