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i want to go to school with an open mind everyday (read all 2 entries…)
it helps

going to school sucks period end of sentence but if you are open to it by talking to the people around you and making the best of a bad situation school isn’t that bad just just get through it until summer rolls along then you have three months of freedom!!!!

learn to breakdance
funny conquencedences

heheheh hahah well anyways I was in church not supposed to be thinking about breakdancing when my sis mentioned it to me that I should go down the asel and start breakdancing funny i thot hehe well thot I’d share

Run every day (read all 4 entries…)
keepin up

My sis and I are keeping up with running finished my first race last week at the time 34:00 somewhere around there it was a blast hope to do it again in the next coming weeks keep ya posted

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