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Be fearless and travel somewhere this summer!

I’m 18, and i feel like i need to start to actually live life -that’s what it’s for after all! So before i got to university in october it’s going to be my goal to travel somewhere alone, and not be scared to do things! I’m thinking Spain…or France… anywhere! (I’m going to study french and spanish at uni – so this could be potentailly helpful) :)

find a shoe store for big footed girls
i feel like big foot.

i’ve size 10 feet (england). other gals out there probably have bigger feet than me, but which ever shoe shop i go into, size 8 people are treated as weirdos(!), what hope is there for me? luckily, shoes aren’t the most important thing in the world.

be friendlier
I need to be friendlier!!

Hey, it’s not as if i’m not a nice person. It’s just that i find it hard to be more out going. I have a great circle of close friends and family, but i feel i need to broaden my social circle. Thats why my next thing will be to make a friend in every country!!

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