sing on stage again
I sing and lead worhsip

I had a few experiences hat made me feel defeated and I wanted to quit singing, but I stuck it out and it has paid off. I sing for our worship team and for our traveling ministry group. With God all things are possible!

become debt free
Debt Free

I plan to use the Dave Ramsey plan Total Money Makeover to be debt free in the next year.

play more guitar (read all 2 entries…)
Yeah I havent played much.

I played for about 10 minutes the other day but got frustrated and gave up.

pay off my debt

My wife and I just got married this year and we need to pay off our credit cards by the end of the year.

Go skydiving
I will go one day!

I will go one day!

remodel my bathrooms
Bathroom Remodel

I have finally started I found tile on sale at Lowe’s and i bought 262 square feet for $26.20 thats enough to remodel both of my bathroom. I will have picture online soon of before and hopefully after pics soon

play more guitar (read all 2 entries…)
Play more guitar

I want to have more time devoted to playing guitar and songwriting.



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