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learn more about linux (read all 18 entries…)
SB! Live sound card and Intrepid Ibex coming up soon

Rather than fight Pulse Audio for sound mixing, I finally bought a used SB! Live sound card for hardware mixing. It works. Wow. Apparently, Linux can be fussy about hardware, but once you get the right stuff, it finally works. Quite amusing for a sound card that is considered old by Windoze standards.

Intrepid Ibex is set for release next month and speaking of Pulse Audio, I hope it’s fixed with this version. Very much thinking of moving to the Linux Mint distro however for Debian with even less fuss than Ubuntu.

Might play around with OpenSUSE again now that I have a solid sound card.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 27 entries…)
Costuming (#20)

As Halloween draws near, I’m reminded of this, but I had occasions where I was able to do it other times of the year.
(For example, my profile picture was taken in March during St. Paddy’s Day.)

I look at it less as a disguise or a masquerade, and more as a way to express one’s creativity and mood. I also distinguish it from everyday fashion because it’s a moment to set that aside and have a little more free-spirited fun.

recover from injury (read all 62 entries…)
Going back to physio

Went to see my physician today to get another referral and so it’s back to physio next week.

get my a+ certification (read all 5 entries…)
Slowly plodding through the book

Have read 4 chapters so far and completed review questions for 3 of them. Not very impressive, I guess, but it’s what I can do right now.

recover from injury (read all 62 entries…)
Failing, very badly.

My health is not in the gutter, or the sewer, but it is in the toilet.

Very, very, very discouraging as my goals have pretty much fizzled out for the time being.

eat more soup (read all 21 entries…)
Hot and sour soup...

...was might nice with fresh mushrooms and grated carrot.

But often I cheat with soup and use canned, frozen, and dried stuff: this soup had canned bamboo shoots and I used a powdered mix for seasoning.

get my a+ certification (read all 5 entries…)
Using Ta-da and family "Wall of Fame"

1. Just completed a checklist (Ta-da Lists with Prism) for reading the chapters and completing the review questions.

2. Family “Wall of Fame” is to motivate my daughter to get good grades in 1st grade, but wife agreed to let me use it too with this goal so she knows Daddy is committed too.

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 73 entries…)
School starting, housework, goals

1. My daughter started 1st grade today
1a. Because she was at school, my wife and I were able to catch up on a little housework
2. Delicious hot and sour soup with fresh mushrooms
3. Back pain relief from an icy cold pool this evening
3a. My son had a great time during said trip to the pool
4. Using the new treadmill again at the exercise room in our apt. complex
5. Our family “Wall of Fame”, done up to motivate my daughter to get good grades, has also inspired me to complete my A+ Certification goal as far as studying the book. Cimmy agreed to help me and put my achievements up to also motivate our daughter.

use TaDa to help work towards my 43Things (read all 5 entries…)
Ta-da and the A+ Certification goal

I drew up a checklist including all the chapters I need to read and the review questions for each.

Use Joe's Goals to complete my 43Things (read all 3 entries…)
Still going well.

Joe’s Goals is still helping me meet those basic fitness goals.

learn html (read all 8 entries…)
Probably going about this the wrong way...

I have yet to put anything on a blank webpage. Right now, I am posting exercises to a blog at my main site, which is boring as hell.

I know a lot of Linux webauthors like gedit, but I think I’ll take a look at Screem and open a free webpage somewhere to start playing with that.

learn more about linux (read all 18 entries…)
openSUSE LiveCD works...

...which was a shock, because I could never get an Ubuntu LiveCD working at all.

I decided to look at the KDE interface with openSUSE instead of GNOME, which I use with Ubuntu. Interesting. I could not get sound to work whatsoever, however. That’s not a good thing. Granted, I will need to install it to play a little more with it, but… so far, not a good sign.

learn more about linux (read all 18 entries…)
Looking at openSUSE 11

Can’t seem to get the .iso burned, however. If possible, I’d really like to use a LiveCD first before totally wiping everything again. Or to get another hard drive.

become a computer technician (read all 32 entries…)

For now, it’s pretty much more of the same- diagnose systems online.

become fully bilingual (read all 13 entries…)
I don't get out much.

I don’t think things have been going well.

Nothing online helps very much; many Spanish-speakers are incredibly lackadaisical about punctuation and many are using chatspeak abbreviations. Many do not understand when I say “that makes it difficult for me to understand” or are reluctant and resistant to change to help me in that regard.

I do not see our neighbors often enough to really practice, either.

lose weight / get in shape (read all 31 entries…)
Falling down

A persistent back injury is making it very difficult for me to reach this goal, and things have ground to a near halt.

recover from injury (read all 62 entries…)
Re: Cortisone injections, round #3

No consultation this time; it’s straight to the procedure, Aug 29th at 10:30 A.M. PST

Pain has sapped any motivation to exercise much.

learn more about linux (read all 18 entries…)
Ubuntu -> Debian

Because Ubuntu is a Debian build, if at first things don’t succeed, I reference it as far as Debian.

learn html (read all 8 entries…)
Ta-da lists and HTML

I am using Ta-da Lists for checklists to meet this goal.

Explore how 43 things can be a social change tool (read all 14 entries…)
43 Things with Ta-da Lists and Joe's Goals

I have mentioned elsewhere how these sites provide “third-party” functionality to 43 Things until checklists, sub-goals, etc. are implemented.

It is good to see that others are thinking outside of the box, so to speak.

These sites have become very useful to me when I made them desktop web applications with Prism.

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