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How to sublet a beautiful sunny studio apartment
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Consistently Save 10% of My Income

Now I need to start saving. I think it will feel very nice and safe and cozy to have savings.

Record 43 compliments people have given me (read all 2 entries…)

Thank you for being so kind and wise.
—A compliment from my friend, Steve

Achieve 10 things that nag & eat away at me so I can be free of them & feel smugly pleased instead. :)
The Ten Things

1. buy a birthday gift for M
2. apply to jobs on the TES
3. find my cheque book
4. drop off cheques to Stefanie
5. clear out stuff at Mom’s place
6. get rid of almost everything at my storage unit
7. plan for term 3
8. do my taxes
9. make the last payment on my student loan
10. make a financial play for the next three months

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