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Update my kids'website

2years behind :(

do the dishes

Yeah! Dishes done, of course then we ate breakfast this morning. . .

Send a thank you note to my Great Aunt Arliss
I Finally did it!

Thanks to 43 things and my twin sis I finally mailed my thank you cards to Aunt Arliss. Last October I gathered up all the cards I had written and not sent into one envelope in hopes to send them all at once. Last December I got her a beautiful Christmas card including a great picture of the kids. I intended on sending both envelopes at the same time. There they sat, in my van stamped and addressed missing only a zipcode. Now I know how easy it is to find a zipcode. In fact I even have the site on my favorites yet I continued to procrastinate till this morning when I read Amy’s Blog.

Finally I did it! Freedom! The weight is finally lifted! I can breath. Of course Kaleb’s birthday is coming up in April then I’ve got to start over again.

Hey, I wonder what our Great Aunt will think receiving more than 5 cards in one day. Hey Amy, you didn’t happen to tape any gold dollars to yours did you?


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