run a 5k
Just registered for my first 5k

I will be running the See Jane Run 5k in Alameda, Ca on June 5th!

chocolate tasting
Had a chocolate tasting party for my aunt's birthday!

This time there were almost 20 people that came! Simply bought five different kinds of chocolates from whole foods and had everyone taste it. Snap, rub, smell and let the chocolate melt in your mouth! Mmmmmm!

Start my own business (read all 2 entries…)
Logo and business card design DONE!

Time to order cards!

Start my own business (read all 2 entries…)
I have filed for my own business.

I filed for Berroya Caballero LLC a few months ago. It is for an e-commerce/shop site focusing on products “deliciously designed for travel”. :-) I am currently in the process of getting my logo and business card design done. When that is done, I will move to the next step which is getting these prototypes done!

eat healthier (read all 2 entries…)
Since I've been back in the states...

I have completely done a 180. I’ve started eating healthier foods. From whole grain/double fiber breads to more natural foods, less sugars and less carbs. If I order a sandwich, I ask for it on whole grain or wheat bread and I’ve started substituting fries with mixed greens! :-) I also try not to eat so much pasta as well. Sure, I slip here and there but I do try to keep those slip ups to only once a week, my cupcake Saturdays (yes I eat cupcakes every Saturday! hehe) I have gone down one pant size. I have also started to drink water A LOT.

learn origami
I found some origami paper at the 100 yen shop

I’m going to send some to my brother in the Philippines but I’m also going to learn how to make origami myself! :-)

eat healthier (read all 2 entries…)
I want to eat healthier.

I’ve been traveling a lot and because of this I have “let myself go”. Vacationing has been such an excuse to eat unhealthily so when I get back home to the states, I am planning on eating lots more healthier food.

As a matter of fact, I’ve started doing it a little bit more here in Tokyo. I’ve started to eat more fiber. It’s very hard to lay off the carbs though. The white rice is amazing. Once I get back to the states I will be switching to brown rice. For bread, I’ll be eating whole wheat and/or whole grain.

I was going to give up carbs completely but I really can’t. Therefore most of my other major carbs such as tortillas and pasta will also be wheat.

Let’s see how it goes!

live abroad
I want to live abroad.

I’ve lived abroad in the Philippines but that doesn’t really count since it was such a young age where my memories are minimal. Most recently, I stayed there for only four months so it was more like a long trip.

I’d like to really live abroad for at least 6 months. The question is…where?



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