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  1. 1. meet Elijah Wood
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  2. 2. be an Entrepreneur
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    163 people
  3. 3. publish a book
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    2,596 people
  4. 4. Put my paintings in art galleries!
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  5. 5. go to Hollywood
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  6. 6. learn how to play guitar
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  7. 7. travel the world
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  8. 8. learn french
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publish a book
The Startling Encounter

I’m currently writing a novel called The Startling Encounter. This novel is about a girl who encounters the actor she admires in a random night. I’m planning on publishing this!

Put my paintings in art galleries! (read all 2 entries…)

I have put one of my paintings in an art gallery ! So people have seen my work. However, I want to participate in more art galleries!

be an Entrepreneur

I’m trying to innovate ideas and get things done. For example, I created a newsletter on Facebook called U! It talks about everything related to the person (YOU). It is considered an entrepreneurial idea, isn’t it?

I’m also trying to make my own businesses. I’m on the beginning of the road.

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