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  1. 1. master the drums
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  2. 2. find my soulmate
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  3. 3. Become Financially Independent
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  4. 4. find a home
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  5. 5. Learn Spanish
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  6. 6. Make a movie
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  7. 7. be more social
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  8. 8. live life to the fullest
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  9. 9. be more confident to do/be what I want
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How to resolve a past relationship
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jump high enough to dunk a basketball (read all 4 entries…)
New goal is a better fit...

I’ve changed the goal to increasing my speed and endurance with basketball. More precisely, I want to be able to play at 100% for 3-4 games full-court at my gym. What I am doing so far is working out twice a week on a court at the park in the morning. No one is usually there so I have the whole court to work on shooting and running the full length of the court. I’ve come a long way athletically…

There is a slight chance that if I really get my speed and athleticism up then I might try the dunking goal again. But for now, this is a healthier goal for my body since the jumping exercises caused my knees to swell up…

More later.

be more confident to do/be what I want (read all 2 entries…)
Happening over time...

It’s not an age thing exactly, but more of a time thing – it takes time to practice and build on these thoughts. Of course, it only takes a split-second to decide to “be” this way – or at least start to be this way.

I am finding that the more I make decisions (good or bad) the more confidence I gain. In other words, just the act of choosing and purposely doing is giving me more confidence no matter what the outcome. The more I do it, the better I get at it and the more confident I become…

I suspect this goal will never actually end since one can always improve this so therefore it’s never really coming off the list…

I guess at some point, I will pull it off the list so something else can take its place. That might be pretty soon!

resolve a past relationship (read all 2 entries…)
Going to make a visit...

I emailed someone that I might be in their city and would like to visit. I got a very positive response. Maybe she also has some unresolved feelings that might simply go away once we can talk a bit.

I have no intentions of dragging up old stuff or trying to start something new. She’s married with a child. The last thing I want to do is have any kind of awkward experience, yet I think this could be a very nice experience…

I have met her husband a few times and it was a totally comfortable and cool experience.

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