Write a virus that will un-install Internet Explorer and replace it with Firefox.
it's pretty easy...

with some C# JAVA, PHP, and PYTHON knowledge, you can do this… all you have to do is make a program that finds “iexplorer.exe” deletes al files inside the same folder as it an puts the firefox files inside that folder… but the firefox.exe file should be renamed to iexplorer.exe :D see…

get a domain name
got my domain!!!


I dedicated it to my games made in Game Maker(gamemaker.nl)

create an operating system

Because my family has never been proud of me, so this is my chance.

get a girlfriend (read all 2 entries…)

Awsome, I just got my dream grl!

get a girlfriend (read all 2 entries…)
why I want one

I want a girlfriend because I know girls dont act normal to someone they like. but, for me, I NEVER get crazy about a girl….... I am probably the kind of guy that a girl likes. A secret to getting one is:
even if you dont have a crush on the girl, still take her out…... Humans are not meant to have everything they want.

Make a time machine

I want to travel through time so I can like:
I can watch my shows early
I can see more things
I can go around the world



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