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  1. 1. be funny
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  2. 2. live simply
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  3. 3. lose weight
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  4. 4. get published
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  5. 5. Read more books
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  6. 6. learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons
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  7. 7. write more letters
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be funny

I realized something today. I think I like making people laugh more than I like being made to laugh. If I’m having a terrible time with something or someone, and a friend or someone is willing to listen to me make jokes about it, I start feeling a whole lot better.

Learn to play accordion

Technically I’m still learning, I suppose. The first step is actually sitting down with an accordion and figuring out how it works. It helps to have some previous experience playing a musical instrument, too.

be positive

The hardest part of getting used to being positive, for me, was looking for positivity in situations I regarded as negative. Sometimes, the only visible good in a situation is that you’ve learned something, or you got a good laugh, or you’ve earned a great story to tell your friends/your grandkids/the internet.


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