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drink more tea
Licorice and Sloe

Went to a wonderful tea shop in Newburyport, MA this past weekend. I had a Gyokuru green tea that I really enjoyed. This summer is going to be about any teas that have pineapple in them.

start a 401k
Movin On up

About 2 weeks ago I was finally offered a full time position with a company I truly love. I’ve been temping there since September and stepped up my hard work in the past few months. It went noticed and the offer has come in- doubling my salary actually!

Apparently the company has some matching available. It’s going to be one of the first things I do on the 3rd- my first official day.

Keep a journal
Every second valuable

If somehow you’re convinced that journaling is not worth it, at least one volume of Anais Nin’s Diary. I felt so complete when I finished the book last night- and when I was done I opened up my journal and wrote about 8 pages. Yesterday alone I did about 12. I work full time and still have obligations but if you make something a priority, it is a welcome distraction. Every word I’ve put in my journal has been worth it.

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