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  1. 1. become addicted to exercise
    44 people
  2. 2. Buy better clothes
    21 people
  3. 3. Put a lot of songs on my iPod
    1 person
  4. 4. Own 500 pairs of underwear
    1 person
  5. 5. Look good in a bikini again
    4 people
  6. 6. Go somewhere cool this summer
    2 people
  7. 7. Decide what I want to be in life
    3 people
  8. 8. Live in NYC
    754 people
  9. 9. Keep a journal
    3,733 people
  10. 10. Get more babysitting jobs
    9 people
  11. 11. save 1000 dollars
    96 people
  12. 12. travel the world
    21,165 people
  13. 13. Take pictures of 43 signs that represent me.
    11 people
  14. 14. make 2007 the Best Year of My Life
    19 people
  15. 15. get a new camera
    100 people
  16. 16. Wax my eyebrows
    22 people
  17. 17. Be more renound
    1 person
  18. 18. Buy Law and Order SVU season dvds
    1 person
  19. 19. Have a baby
    6,210 people
  20. 20. Lose weight
    41,976 people
  21. 21. Take more pictures of my friends
    7 people
  22. 22. get a boyfriend
    2,730 people
  23. 23. whiten my teeth
    2,123 people
  24. 24. Learn to like coffee
    47 people
  25. 25. Fall in love
    27,235 people
  26. 26. have better posture
    8,007 people
  27. 27. drink more water
    20,215 people
  28. 28. make a collage
    1,505 people
  29. 29. Clean my room
    2,794 people
  30. 30. Make my room more my style
    1 person
  31. 31. Get in shape
    10,375 people
  32. 32. dye my hair black with pink chunks
    6 people
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take 1000 pictures this summer (read all 2 entries…)
did itttt.

I did it :D

get a summer job

I got a job! Woohoo! Go me!

take 1000 pictures this summer (read all 2 entries…)
1000 pictures of a wonderful summer

I am pining for summer ‘07. It seems like its never going to come. I have exactly 30 school days left and then my sophmore year is forever over and I cant wait. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be the best yet. Im single and last year I had a very serious boyfriend and I think that tied me down a little. This year I got rid of a clingy friend who was never allowed to do anything and would be upset if I would do something with another friend so I often didnt. Ive got such great friends and I cant wait for summer to come and for us to have the summer of our lives. I know that next summer I will have to get a job and I wanna enjoy this summer to remember when Im stuck working next summer and to remember when Im in school and I feel like junior year wont end either. This summer has many firsts for me. My first trip to Florida (August 17-24!!). I have my permit this summer. And so much more that I am ready to happen. Im going to Martha’s Vineyard with my very best friend for a week and going to Maine with my favorite cousin.
I want to take 1000 pictures this summer because this is going to be the summer of my life. I love taking pictures and I want to take 1000 from June 14-August 30 of me, my friends, the boy I babysit, my brother, my family, all the places I go, and all of the amazing memories I hope to make.

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