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beat social anxiety
Not sure

I don’t know if I have SA, because I meet people and make friends pretty easy. The problem starts after the intial meeting, I just can’t keep any friends. I try to be myself and try to overcome my obnoxiousness (culturaly and genetically ingranied), but always seam to menage to say something to put people off. Sometimes I am aware what it is that I did wrong, but sometimes I have no clue. I worry that I may come across as too desperate, so then I try to compensate by changing my behaviour. But, at the end of the day, it is all making me tired. The overanalizing, trying to find the best tone, the best topics, trying really to accomodate myself to what others may want me to be, so I am not really being myself. It’s a vicious circle. Lots of times I say that I don’t care if I have friends, but lonliness is way harder. Any thoughts at all?


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