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Honestly... (because I don't think it worked before)

When I read LBC’s posts I laugh. Let’s all just take a minute and realize what we are actually dealing with. A middle aged, no, beyond middle aged man, arguing with teenagers, for over 2 years…about mermaids. Now everyone soak that in for a minute. Really…just think about that. This is his hobby, he has nothing better to do. Look, I’ve had enough personal proof happen to me, to know mermaids exist. And we all know mermaids exist. So let’s take a moment to realize how pathetic this man is. I actually weep for humanity. So let’s all clap for him, and pat him on the shoulder, he knows how to use wikipedia. Congratulations. As to his post about KissingMidnight’s tail not being photographed by her…it is very easy to not hold the “camera” using a wonderful app on your macbook called “Photobooth” where you press enter, and it gives you a good 3 seconds to get into position. If you want I can do the exact same thing and post a picture here.

I believe in mermaids. I believe in the possibility of everything. If he really knew science, he would know two important things. One, 95% of the world’s oceans haven’t been explored, we are finding more and more life as we speak. So we have no idea what lives beneath the earth’s surface. Two, science is theory. Not fact. Any modern science class will tell you that today.

But from the beginnings of times, humans have believed in mermaids, gods, witches, demons, dragons, monsters, and vampires. You can never say “That doesn’t exist” until you’ve covered every inch of this earth, water, land, and sky, looking for one. You cannot base reality off of what you learn from a textbook.

Did you know there are actually studies that show that humans may have evolved from dolphins, branching into merpeople? If you payed attention in biology, you would know that. So this is why I laugh at LBC. Because he has no fact, only google, and his need to overpower younger parties.

We cannot expect him to ever believe us. And that’s fine. But what I hope, is that he acts his age. I hope that he reevaluates his life and realize how incredibly sad his copious amount of posts are. How grimy he is. And how stupid he sounds. If he went to any scientists with the theory of mermaids, they would not laugh in his face. They would do what true science is about, have an open mind, and be curious. This man’s life revolves around us, children. He sits at his computer in his home secluded in his own brain, concocting ways that he can try and crush another dream.

Don’t listen to him.

I will swear to you that mermaids exist. I know they do. I don’t have to prove it to him. Because I know they do. I’ve watched things happen to my body that only happen in a twilight movie. I’ve seen things happen to my friends. Both my sister, and my friends Anthony and Johann have witnessed me do these things. KissingMidnight is a real mermaid. So is Luna. And so is Amy. And NO ONE should be afraid of him. He’s not a hunter, he’s not a scientist, he’s not a pedophile. He is a low life, who sits around all day picking the crust out of his ass and trying to annoy people half his age.

In the whole universe…in the whole planet, we are not the only ones there. Think about how big everything is. It would be impossible for things like mermaids and avians not to exist. The mass of the universe is just too big.

I took a heavy biology course last year, and we learned one thing about brain power. That people with heavy focused minds (some have it now, and humans are said to evolve in the next thousand years to have this focused mind (psychic powers) ) can do anything. Like camouflage. How it changes it’s appearance. With a developed enough mind, or even as I’d rather put it “balance & chalkra” you actually can “shift.” And I learned that in a science class. So shove it up one.

become a mermaid (read all 2 entries…)
Touchy Subject.

Um, so most of you PROBABLY know who Luna is, and I just really felt I needed to get the word out. To make a long story short if you don’t want to watch the video, Luna had tried to MURDER me and a few friends via spells because of an internet fight. Yes, kill.

Thank GOD.

Anybody else on here real mermaids?
I need people to inbox me on my site so I can add to my mermaid journal page, and have a group of REAL MERMAIDS to help the noobies.

bahah. Also, I just got hydrokinesis, anyybody wanna inbox me on there (Jessii ) for any tips?

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