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finish my bachelors degree (read all 4 entries…)
Finished it...

Now I have finished my bachelor’s degree in social sciences, social and public policies as my major, economics and political science as minors. This was worth doing because I am going to do master’s degree in social sciences and bachelor’s degree is compulsory for it. Bachelor’s degree alone is totally useless.

In old times finishing bachelor’s degree wasn’t compulsory, you could get it if you wanted or go straight to master’s degree. But now Finnish university system meets the EU standards, and we have to do useless bachelor’s degree.

buy a digital pvr (read all 4 entries…)

I read that Humax PVR-9200C is quite noisy. So I decided to buy Topfield 5100C. Oh yeah, it works fine with the newest firmware. I’m also having Canal Digital -movie channels two weeks for free. Two days has gone and I have recorded about 40 gigabytes of movies. Now I must have some time to watch them…

finish my bachelors degree (read all 4 entries…)

Finishing the bachelor’s degree is getting nearer. I must only write the maturity exam and pass the compulsory swedish course. And after this spring it’ll take about two years to finish my master’s degree. And what then? Academic unemployment, short-term jobs, vocational retraining by employment office and so on. (Pessimists will have only positive surprises…)

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