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  1. 1. start guitar
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  2. 2. get 2500$
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  3. 3. meet some one online and travel to meet
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  4. 4. parachute jump
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  5. 5. set foot on every continent
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  6. 6. trip to guatemala
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  7. 7. get home education
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How I did it
How to finish my DEP
It took me
2 years
It made me
so happy

How to run at least twice a week.
It took me
1 month
It made me

How to go see my ex-step brother
It took me
5 months
It made me

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Recent entries
bungee jump (read all 2 entries…)

i went to the hiest in canada at Ottawa,Ontario, was so awsome! cost 90$ but was totaly worth it

Buy a new computer
I just want my own

my family has the same computer since 1998 so it kind of sucks cant watch videos and all… I want to buy my own this summer or next year a good one!

get home education
starting whit maths

I know some of my friends are doing school at home… I want to know if i can do some to… how does this system works?, how much time do I have? programs? and more..

if i can spend hours on a computer I can spend some time doing maths.. so what if it takes forever to complete them… still better then notting,

First i have to get information so i’ll go there when ill find the time…would be a good start

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