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document shopping tips and tidbits (read all 9 entries…)
OK, I might as well add Hobby Lobby as a place to never shop

As people know, Hobby Lobby has protested on religious reasons that their health insurance coverage also covers birth control. The reason they say that supporting birth control is against their religious beliefs is because they say if they have to support birth control, then in principal, they’ll also be forced to pay for abortions… even though there is nothing within the law which would require their health insurance to cover abortions. Yet, the (right-leaning) Supreme Court has said that the merit of their case is still valid even if they have a misconception of the law.


So let’s just conveniently forget that the basis of their argument is wrong.

And let’s just conveniently forget the fact that the “pill” also has other medical benefits for women under certain circumstances, like to manage their periods.

Instead, let’s focus on the fact that 93% (or at least a majority) of the products which Hobby Lobby sells come from China, where there is a forced abortion policy (remember the one-child rule in China)? So it seems hypocritical when Hobby Lobby claims the high ground for healthcare for US citizens, but completely ignores their moral standards when it comes to making a profit.

Did I mention I hate hypocrites?

For a humorous view of the story, here is a report from the Daily Show:

Click the above image for the video.


fight for truth, justice, and the American way (read all 74 entries…)
Somehow a majority of Americans (based on the representatives voted into Congress) feel that medical health care should be optional...

That is, the Republicans in the House want to overturn Obamacare despite the fact that US was the last developed country who has provided healthcare to all its citizens. Republicans want to make US into the sole developed country without universal healthcare.

Funny though that the majority of the people who feel this way have health insurance.

(In fact, the Republicans in the House have now repealed Obamacare a symbolic 50 times. And as I noted here, this is costing taxpayers approximately $2 million per vote, so that means Republicans have spent approximately $100 million on their symbolic votes. Who needs Congress to do real work when they can waste their time with symbolic votes?)

And even though there are now 10 million more Americans covered by health insurance (7 million who signed up under the Affordable Care Act and 3 million who qualified for Medicaid as part of the expanding Medicaid eligibility for low-income adults), the Republicans want to take their health insurance away.

And so it seems many people are fine with taking away health insurance of other people who would otherwise have no have health insurance. I wonder if they would feel that way knowing the risks they are putting on their children?

Even though some diseases have thought to have been eradicated long ago, they are making a come back. While there’s not a direct cause and effect between health care for everyone and making sure children get their proper vaccinations, if health care were available to all, the number of children being vaccinated should increase, as long as the ignorance about vaccinations risk can also be eradicated through better education.

Just imagine, if you, like the parents from the video clip, have a healthy child, only for your child to be permanently crippled by a disease which could have been prevented by vaccination.


Note: The above story may be difficult to watch as it shows a child who caught meningitis while at day care, so you may opt to not to watch the video.

As noted by wikipedia, not all forms of meningitis can be prevented with a vaccination. And as shown in the story, your child may have received a vaccination but may still come down with the disease.

One of the extra benefits of Obamacare is that people no longer have to worry about being denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, whether it is for yourself or for a loved one:

As mentioned in this Daily Show report, some “red” states have opted out of Medicaid expansion, leaving those people without health insurance when it could be provided at no cost to the states.


I wonder how those who are without health insurance feel like being used as pawns by their state, which means those politicians are taking a philosophical stand at the cost of the health of the states’ own people.

While the above question was rhetorical, recent polls in states which refused Medicaid expansion show that people favor Medicaid expansion by approximately 20-30% as shown here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/04/08/new-poll-shows-voters-in-red-states-want-to-expand-medicaid.html. In some cases, this is about a 2:1 ratio of people approving the Medicaid expansion.

As Aasif Mandvi and Jason Jones report, the Republicans really do not have a good argument against Obamacare (or at least they are incapable of backing their arguments with any relevant factual information):



The Fox news commentator in the Aasif Mandvi report stated a way to solve the healthcare problems in the US. What he said reminded me of a quote I recently read on Compassionist’s goal to share wise and inspiring quotations: Quote Number 2492

For every complex problem, there is a simple solution that is elegant, easy to understand and wrong. – H. L. Mencken

The Fox commentator Todd Wilemon said that the way for poor people to get healthcare is to stop being poor.

Thanks, Todd.


fight for truth, justice, and the American way (read all 74 entries…)
The power of hate and exclusion is strong... But we have the power to overcome it!

Update: Some updates made to correct typos, etc.

We have all heard the horrible news when Frazier Glenn Cross (aka Frazier Glenn Miller) decided to end the lives of 3 people, just because of their religious beliefs. The mayor referred to him as a “nice guy” although Cross “didn’t hide his hateful, racist opinions.” His son was killed by police in 2008 when he shot a defenseless man at point blank range who had stopped to provide assistance after the son had been in a car accident.

The other story which broke my heart recently was reading a story about Hank Aaron. 67 years after Jackie Robinson broke the race barrier in professional baseball, someone sent an e-mail to USA Today stating: “Hank Aaron is a scumbag piece of (expletive) (racial slur),” continues his rant using the racial slur 5 more times and then closes with, “My old man instilled in my mind from a young age, the only good (racial slur) is a dead (racial slur).”

Both stories show how much influence parents have in their children, including their hate and prejudices. What this also shows is how can one be considered a “nice guy” when they have all that hate inside of them? Of course, I’m not advocating hate for hate, but I am saying that if we condone such behavior, this is what we get. If we marginalize this behavior, then eventually, maybe people will get the idea it’s wrong to believe in hate and exclusion. So I’m extremely happy what was accomplished by forcing Brendan Eich to step down as CEO of Mozilla, even though there were quite a large number of people defending his right to be a bigot.

It’s also wrong for government to have a policy of exclusion, like what is being done to the poor and women.

What’s wrong with helping the poor? Many want to blame the poor for being poor. Why do we feel the need to judge others? Why not just help the poor? Because tax money is being used to help the poor? So now it’s a matter of greed. Sad.

ryan feeding the poor is bad

And as everyone knows, the Republicans successfully blocked passage of the equal pay for woman act (known as the Paycheck Fairness Act). What? Why would anyone block a bill to make sure all people are paid fairly? Unless it is to protect corporations from revealing how unfair they really are. Unless it’s an attempt to keep the status quo. Kirsten Kukowski, spokewoman for the Republican party, went on the talk show circuit to speak against the Paycheck Fairness Act. What are the GOPs arguments against it? Uhhh, after watching her, I have no idea. You can see the interview here.

She admits that even though women earn only $0.77 for every $1 a man earns, her number one point was that at the White House, women only earn $0.88 for every $1 a man earns. Huh? That’s the argument for not supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act??? So if the GOP knows it’s wrong and they don’t like the Paycheck Fairness Act, why don’t they do something about it? Just like if they really don’t like the Affordable Care Act, why don’t they do something to make healthcare available to all Americans? So why is it that the GOP accomplishes nothing except to make US a country more of hate and exclusion by trying to block gay marriage, prevent background checks on guns, etc.

Wendy Davis is still trailing Republican candidate Greg Abbott by double digits. Davis supports equal pay for women. Davis challenged Abbott to speak up rather than hide behind his surrogates to speak for him. His surrogates stated on TV that women are too “busy” to think about equal pay for equal work and stated that the reason women are paid less is that “men are better negotiators.” And this is the guy who (based on current polls) will become governor of Texas? Sigh.

And the sad part is that Davis is not getting support of women in Texas. In message boards, you can see comments like “Texas women can recognize a lying gold digger” and “And neither is abandoning your children as their natural mother” which are comments based on the content of personal attack ads engineered by the right. It upset Davis’ daughters so much that they started to get involved in the political campaign. In the same message board, you can see comments like “No way 36% of Texans approve of Hussein Obozo. It’s more like 10%. I live here and nobody….I mean NOBODY…..likes the Kenyan Muslim Marxist.”

So we can either sit and keep the status quo, like those who didn’t try to marginalize Frazier Glenn Cross or we can start to marginalize the party of hate and exclusion. Once they see they can’t just sit and do nothing in government, maybe they will actually start doing something.

It’s only someone like Wendy Davis who can bring change, not Greg Abbott.

wendy davis daughters


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