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remember when we used to shine

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say "damn those people" (read all 2 entries…)
damn those people

from social security. I went through the whole paperwork fest weeks ago but now they’re saying they’ve lost my file, so I have to do everything all over again and wait six weeks again, I guess so they can lose my file again. In the mean time, I still can’t get reimbursed for any health-related expanses. And I was planning to finally start a battery of medical checkups I’ve been delaying forever as the whole jin-machine’s pretty tired. Damn ‘em !

find out stuff about life (read all 17 entries…)

I can pull off nail polish. Just not on all fingers. And certainly not the big toe. My big toe’s too manly for that.

learn from my mistakes (read all 8 entries…)
No matter how remote the expiration date is

and how okay it smells, drinking milk a week + after you opened it is actually super bad for you. Big mistake. The pain. Never forget.

lurve (read all 50 entries…)
3 moar

on the crush list ! That’s negative 3 on the list of actual jin-ettes :[ !

post letters here that i would never send (read all 28 entries…)

Could you please stop acting like a racketeer for a fucken second ? and start acting like actual family ? thanks.

“i don’t mean to put a knife to your throat” > yes, you very much do.

think positive (or try) (read all 141 entries…)

- coworker B’s a good pal

- i’m a good pal (i think -someone got fired under shady circumstances, i spent a lot of time browsing law websites for proof that firing her like that was super illegal. i did find proof!)

- the person i most wanted to see today was apparently happy to see me too… (and even told someone before seeing me that she wished she could see me today, how sweet it was to hear that !)

- occasionally i do the inevitable fashion faux-pas but i like that i try to experiment with looks. Today was sort of risky but i believe i pulled it off okay. Somehow i’m less scared of ridicule than being boring (though i wish i just didn’t mind either).

- getting moar skilled with the software at work

- learning new tricks to make jin-ettes moar happy to see me (i’m not a natural at manipulation so i learn slowly!)

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 44 entries…)
Enneagram anyone?

Ahoy. I was telling a friend of mine about my father and how i’m having a hard time dealing with his personality. Having closely listened, my friend said :

“Your father sounds like the archetypal type 8, never an easy one to deal with. And you’re a type 4, worst possible combo ! No wonder you two aren’t on the same page.”

I inquired what on Earth is she talking about and what makes her think i’m a “type 4” anyway, and she told me all about the nine different types of personalities according to the Enneagram .

Although I’m usually not big on some of her psychological bull$#!+ (my friend’s way into solutioning all your woes with hypnosis and the like), I must say I found this enneagram thing quite interesting. Not as a set of actual rules to categorise people willy-nilly, because that would just be silly (everyone’s different and complex, right ?), but more as a tool to reflect on our own flaws from a distance and see what we can work on, not to mention when you look into it the whole thing’s actually pretty darn smart and accurate for a bunch of random words and numbers thrown together.

From what she told me and what little I read, I have to agree that my dad’s very much an 8 and i’m indeed very much a 4, though i equally relate to 9. Maybe i’m schizoid !

Did you know about them “nine personality types” ? According to this table , what would you say is your core type ?

sleep on a bed 9000 times comfier than mine

It wasn’t a long sleep but it sure was quality sleep. Heavily bewbed laydee near was a plus. No, we didn’t sleep together. Well, literally we did but just literally. We didn’t f$ is what i mean. Just friends.

do my taxes (read all 2 entries…)

i did them all right.

stop relying on others (read all 3 entries…)

My dad must be high. i just got an e-mail from him basically asking that i pay him back like now all the money he spent on me ever. Retroactively. Because he heard from my mom that i’ve been saving up some of my salary… Well yeah, i have… but i’m not sure where he got the idea that because i’ve worked one year in my life on minimal wage, all of a sudden i’m supposed to be some sort of almighty badass… It’s just sort of crazy. Not just the demand, the whole tone of it ; apart from the signature at the end i don’t see anything “dad” about that e-mail. That’s so him at his worst. So impersonal and untactful. That might as well be a letter from the bank.

Anyway the good part of this is it makes me want to keep trying to be fully independent asap. The less good part is I found my relationship with my dad had sort of improved these last few months but he really disappoints me there. Yeah, i know, in North Korea they’ve still got concentration camps.

be healthy (read all 10 entries…)

worst. migraine. ever.

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 44 entries…)
For those who are

hopelessly single (or with an emu), how long after you totally didn’t meet your significant other did you realise you were snacking on rice and honey while secretly listening to Bush songs ? not that i’d ever do anything like that.. And is that romantic or what, and, apart from that err not doing that, did I do anything exciting this weekend ? Would marmite and vegemite be any less weird with my rice than honey ? And where’s this “love” thang people talk about ? i try smiling to the pretty cashier at the supermarket but it hurts my frown muscles.

be a bit happee (read all 112 entries…)

i need a hug. Pretty badly :(. Little has been going according to plan these last three years…

think positive (or try) (read all 141 entries…)
One thing i like about rainy days :

i don’t need much of an excuse to stay in the house :]

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 44 entries…)
Margarine / my thrilling life, season 25, episode 140

Hello, people. I accidentally left margarine out of the fridge for 24 hours. Not just out of the fridge but open also. Being that it’s not butter… is it safe to eat ? My sense of smell can’t quite tell if there’s a difference. But I’d hate to get sick or anything… Of course I just bought the thing so it’d be a bummer having to throw it out.

think positive (or try) (read all 141 entries…)

- Glorious meeting with university friends, just like old times (had been over a year !). Laughed to tears almost.

- S’s smile and winking (she winks to me a lot, something really sweet about it ; most other agents always act busy/overworked but she aknowledges me always even if she’s just walking by). My pal/coworker saw that and said : “uh… okay I don’t know who that is but I’m positive you can have her whenever you want, you’re aware of that, right ?”. S is cute but somehow not on the crush list… maybe I’m intimidated by balanced women or something?

- eating and, hell, even binge-eating. Why deny that I like it ? Okay, now I hate liking it and must keep fighting it.

- music and singing

- new vest

- having short hair. It is liberating in many ways. I may keep it up for quite a while still.

- sister J. Happened to be wearing the shirt she gifted me when I ran into her. She was so glad haha.

post letters here that i would never send (read all 28 entries…)
Dear super tight boots

We had our fun but… never again. Though a pretty good day for me, today was the worst day of my feet’s life.

think positive (or try) (read all 141 entries…)
villain shopkeeper

The cashier at the store next to my house comes right out of a movie ; he always has a tiny dawg siting on his lap that he pets with one hand while scanning articles with his other hand. And he has the classic villain thin moustache. He’s hella nice though. Anyway, I’m glad this strange character’s part of my life, lol.

think positive (or try) (read all 141 entries…)

- new guy at work’s a great pal. We have the same fine taste for really lame puns. Likes decent music.

- neighbour’s cute dawg gave me a super friendly, endless greeting

- eyeliner

- magical toilet cleaner (are my pleasures too simple maybe ?)

leave eyebrows alone for a while (and unrelated entries) (read all 34 entries…)
Err, okay!

I officially had the most hilarious pervy dream last night. I woke up part LMAO, part turned on, though mostly amazed that my brain could even make that up. I would so never have thought of that awake. Brilliant stuff. So wrong haha.

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