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I'm doing 35 things

jknaup's Life List

  1. 1. Walk as much of the Great Wall of China as I can.
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  2. 2. Own a plane.
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  3. 3. Manage my ADHD better.
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  4. 4. Marry the right person for me
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  5. 5. Control my finances.
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  6. 6. Have a home in California.
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  7. 7. Learn Jeet Kun Do.
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  8. 8. Climb a mountain.
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  9. 9. Charter a yacht.
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  10. 10. Go to Nice France.
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  11. 11. Learn that I have to focus on my life instead of everyone else's all the time.
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  12. 12. Learn how to surf.
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  13. 13. Climb to the crash site of F-16 I crewed in the USAF with pilot from Arizona.
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  14. 14. Work with an anti human trafficking org to save some kids from the sex trade.
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  15. 15. Sponsor a child through World Vision.
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  16. 16. Focus on aligning my spending with my values.
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  17. 17. Become financially independent.
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  18. 18. Go to Amalfi.
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  19. 19. Go to Malta.
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  20. 20. Rebuild the home I lost in Martha's Vineyard
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  21. 21. Become a pilot
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  22. 22. Have four children (Noah, Emma, Josh & Zoe)
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  23. 23. Have a vocation that Inspires & motivates my spirit
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  24. 24. Get completely debt free
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  25. 25. Be a coach for the University of Michigan football team
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  26. 26. Travel somewhere new, near of far, once a month
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  27. 27. Get washboard abs & get some dental work.
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  28. 28. Own a large piece of green California coastal land.
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  29. 29. Take a trip as travel companions with Morgan Freeman.
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  30. 30. Learn to play guitar.
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  31. 31. Learn to speak Mandarin.
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  32. 32. Learn to speak Spanish.
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  33. 33. Live a holy life.
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  34. 34. Run a marathon.
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  35. 35. paraglide
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get a doberman

Got her in January of 2013. Great dog. Very sensitive. She’s helped me learn more focus&leadership. Love her a lot. I take good care of her&she’s growing really fast. 35 lbs to about 80lbs. She’s more relaxed in the country. Got he from a Craigslist ad looking to sell her. Might not be a Search&Rescue dog but she’s definitely a man’s best friend.

find my dad (read all 2 entries…)

He came to see me in San Diego. Last summer was the first time we’d seen each other in many years. The highlight, sitting in the bar in PB I turn to him & say “Dad, I would’ve done so much more if you would’ve been there for me”. He covers his mouth with one hand & starts to choke back tears until they start running across the back of his hand. We had been talking about Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan. Their relationships with their fathers made a big impact on their lives. Now we talk once a week. He helped me load up my truck for the final move out to San Diego last spring. Learning a lot.

learn to play guitar
Waiting for the drive......

I’ve got a good guitar. It’s tuned and I can tune it. I know this is going to be part of my life so I keep holding on until the drive pulls my heart to make it a habit to learn.

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