Organized my book collection & now going to vote :)

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  1. 1. finish my degree
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  2. 2. virtual run around the world
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  3. 3. write a book
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Finish reading writing for dummies
Writing novels for dummies

Really pleased that I have began to read above book.

finish my degree
Poor assignment score

I got an assignment score back today and it was only 59% which made me feel a little down. Feedback from my tutor explains that I need to show more about the understanding, on top of getting the answer right.

virtual run around the world
Next Steps

I have been attempting for a little while now to start a virtual run around the world in my spare time. The idea is that I log the miles from my GPS watch and then update my progress on my blog at www.virtual runner.co.uk.

I do however have some motivational issues that I hope at some point I can overcome.

To complete this would be an amazing achievement and would raise a lot of money for my favorite children’s charity. (Barnardo’s)

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