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Quit my job (read all 4 entries…)
whistle blower

Hey, so now I know the things I’m supposed to be doing but get told to do additional things and I don’t have enough help getting all of these things done. Fortunately I’ve been sending emails and when corporate checks on me, I forward these emails on. Corporate is coming on Monday. Either to light a fire under the new management (since I also mentioned all the other things that are not getting done) or to harrass me.
Yeah, I’m rocking the boat, but this company is in a bad way, a sinking ship so to speak, and I am not the problem. I might even be the answer.
I’ve got 2.5 years move experience with the inventory and processes than the Warehouse manager and 3 years more than the Asst manager, who has been here since January.
I know they won’t pull that trigger, but I’ll make them think about what they’ve done.

lose weight and keep it off (read all 2 entries…)
an overdue update

So I work in a large warehouse and I fix receiving issues. I walk everywhere. I’m down to 184 fron 199 when I left Georgia. Bad thing is that I still have a spare tire to lose. My goal now is 168. I love food, but I think I can do it.

Quit my job (read all 4 entries…)
Take 2

Okay. Since the last time I wrote, I did quit my job at Sedgwick County Emergency Services. Now I have to plan to get out of another job. It’s changed management recently and I have a feeling that I am not part of that regime. What it is doesn’t really matter, what is bad is that I am filling my brain with crap that doesn’t matter to anything. It is not helping anyone grow. It’s just money. And brain filling static. This job is in fact obliterating my time on this earth. I am not creating. I am not writing. I am not helping people throUgh their lives. I am not making an impact on anyone except these people who want me to make them more money than they give to me. It is depressing, and life is too short to be depressed. Brainstorming time.

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