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I'm doing 40 things

jmad717's Life List

  1. 1. figure out what i want to do with my life
    1 cheer
    3,860 people
  2. 2. lose 40 pounds
    1 entry . 2 cheers
    1,907 people
  3. 3. read the entire bible
    2 cheers
    2,552 people
  4. 4. visit every baseball park
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    10 people
  5. 5. exercise every day
    961 people
  6. 6. write in my journal daily
    2 cheers
    110 people
  7. 7. visit every state in the U.S.
    3 entries . 5 cheers
    639 people
  8. 8. Do something new every month
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    788 people
  9. 9. run a half marathon
    2,491 people
  10. 10. learn to drive a motorcycle
    331 people
  11. 11. travel to europe
    1 entry
    2,540 people
  12. 12. start a blog
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1,428 people
  13. 13. Make a quilt
    1,241 people
  14. 14. Take a cooking class
    1 cheer
    850 people
  15. 15. learn italian
    6,590 people
  16. 16. live in a foreign country
    2,435 people
  17. 17. go to culinary school
    412 people
  18. 18. Start my own business
    9,325 people
  19. 19. see the Tour de France live
    203 people
  20. 20. become a better conversationalist
    230 people
  21. 21. watch the Top 100 movies
    1,306 people
  22. 22. volunteer for 5 different organizations
    1 entry
    1 person
  23. 23. pay off credit cards
    2 entries . 2 cheers
    1,430 people
  24. 24. live passionately
    5,635 people
  25. 25. travel by train
    1 cheer
    140 people
  26. 26. Finish my Photo Albums
    26 people
  27. 27. Learn to play the guitar
    13,736 people
  28. 28. Learn about all the US Presidents
    3 people
  29. 29. go to the running of the bulls
    23 people
  30. 30. Make a list of 100 songs that apply to me
    86 people
  31. 31. Knit a blanket
    246 people
  32. 32. Complete a two week full body detox
    400 people
  33. 33. graduate from college
    6,121 people
  34. 34. Buy a House
    14,074 people
  35. 35. Save money
    16,491 people
  36. 36. Stop letting Fear get in the way of living
    3 people
  37. 37. take ballroom dancing lessons
    223 people
  38. 38. whiten my teeth
    2,112 people
  39. 39. learn to sew
    4,064 people
  40. 40. learn embroidery
    28 people
Recent entries
compile a 100-things-about-me list
100 things about me list….

1. I love small towns
2. I don’t know what I want to do with my life
3. I am crazy about my dog Gracie
4. My house is always a mess
5. I am very shy
6. Wish I was an artist
7. I love to cook
8. Chocoholic
9. Terrified of scary movies
10. Pride and prejudice is my favorite movie
11. I screen phone calls
12. Over think things
13. Competitive
14. Summer is my favorite
15. Love to ski
16. I miss my grandma everyday
17. Want to learn how to sew
18. …and embroider
19. …and knit
20. Hate red roses
21. Wish I lived at the beach
22. Love country music
23. Rely on people for my happiness
24. Had depression and live in fear that it will return
25. Terrified to be seen in a bikini
26. Pop Advil for any ailment
27. Sing way too loud and off key in my car
28. Afraid I’m not good enough
29. Thrive when I am creative
30. Want to visit Italy more than anywhere else
31. Olympics fanatic
32. Wish I could finish my degree at A&M
33. Want my own restaurant
34. …and bakery
35. Collect blue satin glass dishes
36. Love to ride horses
37. Crazy about two-stepping
38. Could never be a vegetarian
39. Have a bathtub phobia
40. …but love to take baths
41. Hate hot tubs
42. I always loose money, but find it unexpectedly
43. …the same with jewelry
44. Afraid ill never really be happy
45. Don’t like strongly opinionated people
46. Like to drink constant comment
47. Would wear high heels everyday if I could
48. Like to stay up late
49. No longer a party girl
50. Life without variety is boring
51. Terrified of mice
52. …and pigeons
53. Love to play board games
54. Hate “popped collars”
55. Love being busy
56. Love iced tea, especially sweet tea
57. Money stresses me out
58. Hate Indian food
59. Stubborn
60. Bad speller
61. Afraid of divorce
62. Think I’ll never find the right guy
63. …and I won’t get to have a marriage like my parents
64. Addicted to the food network
65. Ina Garten is my favorite cook
66. Love trying new restaurants
67. …but never know what to order
68. I’m a bad friend because I am terrible at small talk
69. Pineapple is my favorite frut
70. Love American history
71. Think most tattoos are trashy
72. …but I want one on my side (that isn’t trashy)
73. Terrified of hummus
74. Miss playing sports
75. Love going to plays
76. …and museums
77. Don’t have a birth mark
78. Easily annoyed
79. Can’t wear scarves around my head
80. I hate having people around my all the time, my alone time is important
81. I’m too sensitive
82. I wish I had smaller boobs
83. Want a Wii
84. Terrible at math
85. …and learning foreign languages
86. I get very car sick
87. Want to go on a long cruise
88. I would rather text than talk on the phone
89. Love roadtrips
90. …but love flying even more
91. Aspen trees are my favorite trees
92. I love massages
93. I wish my nails cold always be painted black, red or hot pink
94. I hate cleaning
95. I’m disappointed with my life so far
96. I love my family more than anything
97. Grew up on a cattle ranch
98. I love to sleep
99. Ice cream is awesome
100. I love learning

Read 50 books in 2007

well i didn’t keep very good track of the books i read in 2007 but i definitely know that i fell short of my goal of 50…probably read less than half…oh well

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 28 entries…)

96. being able to call someone and just say “hey its me” instead of “hey its jess”
97. operations Christmas child
98. chacos
99. having a clean car, with everything detailed and without all the junk carry around in it
100. suprises

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