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Had a child instead

I had set a goal of June 18th to get out of debt. While we are almost there, our child was born in May and so we are making sure we can provide for him. We are still on track to get out of debt, just not as early as June.

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Baby was born

Well, our son came 5 weeks early, but he came and we are settling into life as parents. He is so little!! I still don’t feel 100% comfortable handling him, but thank goodness my wife/his mom does! I can’t wait to watch him grow.

join an investment club

While I don’t have a lot to invest, I would like to join a club to discuss different investments, and maybe even different stocks. By having to defend a buy of a certain stock, or a sell, would make me a better investor. Also, it would go towards my other goal of meeting more people.

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