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stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
Stop picking on me

I had gone like for 2 months without picking and this whole week I’ve been picking. It was really depressing being able to have a normal life without picking and then picking and picking and feeling worthless and back to square 1 . Was really hard but no one to blame but me… Any way I wanted to let you all know that I found this very educational and helping website about picking I read the whole thing and it has given me a motivation to stop and alot of ideas to put in practice and very very educational. The website is Hope it helps you in any way. I also seen that alot of more people are talking more about this issue like in youtube. If you guys now of any websites that are helping you please let me know thanks

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
Life is so better now!

Seriously guys life is so much better now that i dont pick. I feel and look better… I sleep better! When I wake up am glad its a new day and actually looking forward to it. I enjoy when I take a shower relaxing not thinking how ugly and swollen my face is from all the picking!! I dont have to worry about putting make up to hide all the damage ive done now that i havent been picking I actually just Enjoy putting it on !! Not picking is the best feeling in the world !! I feel I could do ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!!!Its worth it dont give up guys !!! I thought i couldnt do it and amazingly am doing it … I know its extremly hard and difficult i been doing it for 9 yrs and it was very sad and depressing sometimes i would just loose all hope for me and just wanted to die it was that bad … I know its hard … but if you really really wanna stop do whatever it takes … Anything you think will help you even if it sounds wierd or crazy!! Do whatever it takes guys picking is not worth it!!! I feel more confident and the best part of all am loving myself more every day!!! I dont consider this goal accomplished am still working on it am proud to say i have a month without picking and fell alive and not dead inside . i hope i dont pick ever again i would like to write some day that i have 6 months without picking or better yet a year without picking that would be amazing but if i wanna acomplish that i have to work on it. Sometimes i have my days were i feel the urge to pick and feel all this anxiety but am just gonna start hell so no its not worth it ! Guys lets win the war not just the battle! Do whatever it takes !! We can do this!!!

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
I cant believe am doing it!!!

I have a Month with out picking my face looks awsome!!! I feel and look great am Happy and feel very proud of myself …. There has been times when I do feel like picking and I just remember how I felt when I did pick and tell my self its not worth it !!! DONT DO IT !! ITS NOT WORTH IT !!!! You look and feel Fine dont torture yourself and I automatically stop because I remember how I felt after I pick my entire face and look like shit and felt like shit and just being depressed and unhappy !!! Its hard but not impossible I hope I dont relapse. They say it takea awhile to break a habit. I hope to god i have broken this horrible bad habit for good!!!! Its been really hard because have 9 yrs picking but its totally worth it ! I hope I keep it up !! And for all of you do what ever it takes for you not to pick … Because everyone deserves to be happy and at peace within ourselves….

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
getting better

My face is healing from all the picking i’ve done for the past two weeks. I need to continue not to pick and hopefully as soon as i get money go to the dermotologist or a spa or something so they could help my face get better or something. I’m gonna put my all so i wont pick and mess up for the 100th time already i hope i could actually do this once and for all…

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
Startin over again :(

I hope i could just stop picking once and for all ….

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
Reality just hit...

Reality just hit me and big time… I have been picking for 8 yrs already since i was 14 and i thought this would be a phase were eventually i would stop the picking but i cant no matter how much times i try or what i do i cant stop picking.I cant believe its been 8 yrs of this nightmare. Reality just hit and i came to the conclusion that I just have to accept this as part of my life and its never gonna change unless a miracle happens and i dont ever break out yeah like if thats going to happen … I try and try and try and try and fail and fail and fail so i just have to accept it once and for all this is part of me of who ui am and who i have become… this is part of my life and theres nothing i can do anymore its more the PAIN that i feel when i say am not going to pick and i do it. I hate myself for it for letting me down for having hopes that i was gonna change that i was gonna live a normal life its more the pain the depression i get!!! I beat myself up for it I am my own worst enemy … I’m to hard on myself i just have to accept this maybey the pain will be less and i dont get my hopes up that am gonna change this horrible bad habit . Seriously its hell when is it gonna end ? Only God knows …. For me am not gonna say or think that am not picking because i do pick and the feeling is much worse …. so maybey if i expect the picking the pain will be less the pain it’s always gonna be there but at least i wont lie to myself having high hopes and the fall wont be as bad …. I dont know what to do anymore …. my dreams of having clear beautiful skin are gone forever ….

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
helpful website

Hey you guys my counselor found this website for me and am bearly started reading it but I hope it helps…. I know guys that this is really hard to stop but the more information we have the better and with eachothers help and support we could do this and One day we’ll put our success story of ending this horrible ugly nasty habit… the website is let me know if it was helpful or comment me with what you thought thanks guys…

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
I'm starting over once again

I’m starting over once again and hopeefully this time it works I had lost hope gaven up because believe me this is getting really really old and its really exhausting both physically and mentally so sad and depressing I have to keep trying for my family for myself and most importantly for my daughter…

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
I dont know anymore...

I really dont know anymore… This is a rollercoaster and its NO fun :( One minute am happy as can be and the next sad and depressed. I was really doing good, I was going to therapy and excersing,eating healthy drinking more water, going out having fun and I was keeping busy…and then all of the sudden this same bump comes back when it was almost gone!! Its like a big bump but with no head ugh I pinched it so it could just pop already and nothing!! so I squeezed a few others not that bad,but that big bump is really stressing me out it bugs!!! just from that i get all this anxiety and sadness because I was doing so good…. UGH I HATE PIMPLES !!! Its mixed emotions your fine and then your not happy then sad worried and anxiety ,stressed and comes deppresion and sadness and the guilt the pain the failure the negative thoughts in your head that wont let you at peace with yourself!!! I mean ONE bump created this whole thing!!! I CANT LET IT GO!!!! thats why I could never be at peace with myself its a never ending WAR!!! Its always raining in my head ….Imagine being chained to the one person in the world who you hate the most… and you know you’ll never be able to escape from them … Imagine realising that you HATE who you’ve become… and knowing that you have to live with that person who has hurt you so much for the rest of your life…. When is this gonna end ?

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
time passes and am in the same place....

I’m so sad and depressed.. I had 13 days without picking my face and on Wednesday I couldn’t anymore I picked its just that I was full of black heads and white heads everywhere and I couldn’t stand it anymore!!!! Then I picked on Thursday cuz it didn’t make a diffrence I had already picked any way … so I feel terrible now all my hard trying not to pick was worthless today is very depressin because my 2 yr old daughter looked at me and said mommy has a boo boo and pointed at my face I started crying cuz she was touching my face to make it better!!! My poor baby needs to have a strong mom not all picking on her face feeling like shit!! I’m so tired of this never ending story . I need to srop picking and live a nice happy life… for my daughter my husband and for our future kids I don’t wanna be like this anymore but how do I stop? Now I feel so ugly with all my face picked and swollen …. I have rhis huge bump on my forehead its so swollen I can’t even touch it…. for you my baby I have to stop….. know that I think about it when I was pregneant I would pick and 2 yrs later still doing it when I promised I wouldn’t for my baby cuz its affecting me tremendousley .I love my baby…. she could no longer see her mommy in these conditions what’s so ever ….. I have to be strong and healthy and most of all STAY POSITIVE please pray for me. Thanks

stop picking my skin (read all 11 entries…)
Day 5 without picking and still upset :(

Well today is day 5 without picking and for some reason am still not happy … Its so stressful I have a big bump in my forhead that you can’t see but I could touch it and feel it…. I feel like picking because I still feel so ugly …. and then its so hard not to touch pick on your face its a challange … I got so upset cuz I was over here battling with myself not to mess up so a stupid dumb mosquito could bite me !!!! Ugh I was so mad I couldn’t stop scratching it I had a huge bump from the mosquito I was so upset…. I’m trying not to give in its so hard and sressful that I get this anxiety that makes me pick every part of my face ….. but I can’t let myself mess up … I hope I don’t … its really hard though cuz I look in the mirror like every second !!!! Ugh guys help!!! I’m trying not to mess up …. but why don’t I feel happy or proud of myself for lasting till day 5…. Am I always gonna feel unhappy even if I don’t pick on my face? No matter what I do am I still gonna feel unhappy ? What a bummer :(

stop picking my face (read all 2 entries…)
Thats exactly what happens to me Orchid 264...

I have read all your entries and I can so relate to you we are going through the same thing I thought I was the ONLY one feeling like this … it doesn’t make me feel better that your going through this because its hell but at least someone UNDERSTANDS me like I understand you because am living it 24/7 . We are wearing the same shoes… Its horrible I can’t stop this awful habit that’s ruining our life and its something so stupid … .Jus don’t do it ….. easy to say but really really hard to do its not that easy its like an addiction … its like when people cut themselves kinda the same thing but instead you pinch I can relate to those people because they are hurting themselfs and that’s what am doing hurting myself ruining my life and what’s worse its not only my life but the people around me my loved ones am hurting them aswell…. If only we could stop somehow some way …maybey by counselling or therapy…. like alcoholics or drug addicts addmiting they have a problem first. Or by the help of God with a miracle SOMETHING Some way there’s has to be …. we can’t live like this for the rest of our lifes it would be awful I’ve lived like this for 9 yrs now and its been sad …. you miss out in a lot of stuff…you suffer a lot its so painfull and stress ful and with that comes many more issues ….low self esteem, depression, anxiety , mood changes, the list goes on I can write a book honestly so many things …. its just so hard to go to a doctor or counselor and talk about it ….they ask what’s wrong well ummm I pinch my face and that’s why am depressed it sounds so so dumb and stupid it doesn’t sound bad but its something so awful and horrible its hell!!! Its even worse because I don’t have a name its a little of everything ….its like an alchol and drug addict because you can’t stop and because not always you admit you have a problem … its like an eating disorder because the ones that have bulimia and anorexia they may be so thin and skinny and yet they see themselves big and fat but they are not its in their head that’s how I feel when I look in the mirror that I have a lot of acne and acne marks even though some people tell me its not bad …. I see it so its kinda like that and its also like cutters because when they cut they feel a little bit better and when they do cut they feel even worse that’s what happens too but the picking or pinching the face is 5 times worse because at least they could hide their cuts under the sleeves but us…. we can’t cover our face… we can’t cover our face with a paper brown bag even though it would be better than looking at your self every single day ….because evrytime I look in the mirror I suffer and well yeah make up but doesn’t make it better only worse and you feel worse too..its stress anxiety compulsive disorder…. What is it what would you call it ? Does it even have a name for this living nightmare?? When will I finally be at Peace with myself and stop hurting me ? I honestly don’t want to hurt myself its something I can’t help …. I’m always so hard on myself for hurting myself …I can’t forgive myself !!!! Can anyone help before its to late??? I honestly can’t imagine living like this for the rest of my life…. please help …. someone help in ending this torture. I wanna be normal and do normal things enjoy the simplest things in life most important be happy and love myself because if I don’t love myself how could I love anyone??? The mind is so powerful and mine so weak….I wanna enjoy life to the fullest and not worry about stupid shit ugh it jus makes me so mad and unhappy so worthless can’t live a normal life ….can’t keep a job can’t go to school …. can’t do anything just fighting with myself that’s my awful life and here comes the rest the neverending story…. Behind the smile guilt…

stop picking my face (read all 2 entries…)
I thought I was the only one....

I thought I was the only one with this awful terrible bad habit!!!! It doesn’t make feel any better because I know exactly what your going through…. Its hell !!! Its ruining my life …I feel so sad so unhappy….so miserable….when is this nightmare going to end when am dead is that the only solution suicide!!!! You may think if its that bad stop pinching I can’t I tryed so so so many times and I always fail why …...this urge I feel this anxiety the tiny little black heads and white heads that itch and plus theirs mirrors every where its impossible. I think this is worse than being an alcholic or drug addict that’s how bad my habit is ….am always mad at myself thinking why do I have to pinch and having the scars always to remind you what you did its horrible a nightmare I radther be dead I know am never gonna be able to stop this awful bad habit …. for that I would need a good expensive acne treatment ….laser resurfacing to not see my acne scars that’s so expensive as well ….. counseling for the depression and anxiety….all the compulsive bhavior being so dam negative ….having mood swings having million of problems with my boyfriend cuz of the same thing …. he will never UNDERSTAND am just making him so unhappy and miserable I hate myself so much am living with my own worst enemy and for pinching and being guilty for not being their for my daughter and feeling like a bad mother naw …...too complicated just radther be dead and even if I could do all that I wouldn’t be able to pay because I can’t even keep a job because of the same issue I feel so worhless ...Its always raining in my head….. no matter how hard I try …how positive I am I always fail I give up its a never ending story ….imagine being chained to the one person in the world you hate the most ….and you’ll never be able to escape from them imagine relising that you HATE who you’ve become. And knowing that you have to live with the person who has HURT you so much for the rest of your life…. I don’t wish this to anyone not even to my worst enemy ….I don’t have a life….I don’t have hope … I feel so dam ugly and mad at myself for. Causing me all this pain and I don’t have strenght to continue…. wish everyone the best of luck…..



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