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Lessons learned...

Okay. So a had a minor reaction to the facial nair. I am now totally recovered! Yay! I went without makeup and harsh washing for almost a week and applied rejuventating creme to the dry damaged skin. I started washing my face at night to remove makeup and rinsing with warm water in the morning. I also got a peel-off facial mask that was quite fun..especially if you obsessively pick at your skin anyway. After a week of intense care, I got a pimple. Seriously, a pimple? That has never been a problem before. Until more recently. I’m 23. Must be stress related. But its taking care of itself. My skin concerns are dark spots, light spots, bumps, and scars (from those nasty pimples!). I think that’s mostly it. Oh, and lines. On the forehead.

have the perfect lawn (read all 2 entries…)
The lawn...

As you can see, there is definitely a traffic pattern in the back yard. My husband did fertilize the lawn last week, and this week I cut it for the first time at the highest setting. I bagged the cuttings this time, but I plan on leaving them from now on, as long as they’re not super duper long. Its April 5th and snowed all day today. I don’t feel like working outside at all.

Lose 10 pounds

I have been on SlimFast for about a week now. I wonder if I lost any weight. Friday mornings are always my weigh in time. If the news is good, I will probably post again tomorrow.

I did some strength exercises today. My legs are so weak! I also worked my core…I’ll be feeling that tomorrow. But ultimately, I feel pretty good…besides my legs wobbling when I go up the stairs!

SlimFast tastes good. I eat a meal-to-go bar or a shake for breakfast, along with my coffee, sweetened with Splenda. I eat my lunch slowly over about two hours (I eat while I work). Today I had a meal-to-go bar, grapes, baby carrots, and drinkable yogurt. For snacks this afternoon I’ve had some home-made maple syrup and walnut granola, and a slimfast snack bar. Its a little after 7 and we won’t be having dinner until late. I need to choose wisely, as we are dining out tonight.

This is a picture of me, today, in my currently messy bathroom. Organizing the makeup drawer has not commenced yet. Obviously. Pay no attention to that over flowing trash can…

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