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  1. 1. Build my own house
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  2. 2. start a training company
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  3. 3. make a radio documentary
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  4. 4. Meet David Sedaris
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  5. 5. figure out where home is
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  6. 6. Learn Mandarin
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Take acting classes
Break free from the routine

I joined a class that ran every Sunday – a group of jaded marketing types, all looking to do something new and a little more meaningful. It was the first time in my life I looked forward to Sunday. We put on a play at a studio theater after about 4 months of the course – and, well – it was an amazing experience – nothing like I remember from when I was doing it as a kid… somehow everyone had a sense that it meant much more – for all of us, it represented a positive step towards freedom from the inevitability of humdrum worklife (not that everyone was planning on giving up their day jobs – though one of us did and is now working in a group running drama workshops for kids). The cast and crew party on closing night was perhaps the best party I’ve ever had… everyone was so high on what we had achieved that there was a buzz that I will never, ever forget.

make a radio documentary
but... does anyone actually listen to radio?

Right now I want to produce something on the staging of my boyfriend’s musical or evangelical christians in Singapore – but the topic I want to focus on varies as I procrastinate. My only regret is that nobody is interested in radio these days (actually I’m only 30 – that comment makes me feel like a train enthusiast bemoaning the end of the steam age). I’ve listened to radio – particularly speech radio (as opposed to just “talk” or “news” radio) all my life and always thought that good radio content is more abundant and insightful than most of the good TV out there. Probably due to the fact that radio hasn’t been totally taken over by huge corporations… (though the BBC is one corporation whose output I approve of). Maybe I’ll do it and put it on the web.

live in new york for three years

A whole surreal world all packed into one concentrated area. Like a living fantasy novel… three years is enough to make New York stick in your heart for a very long time.

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