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learn bass guitar (read all 2 entries…)
Learning Bass

Well its been a year or so. Here is a list of things I would have liked to known beforehand. a free drum machine—there are some on net
this is to get your timing down—very important.
2.Tabs are being disputed now on the web. Copy paste into a text doc ASAP—whatever you may eventually want to learn.
3.instructional -step by step DVDs are at your local guitar store. Get a few and go slow
4.Learn the notes locations. This info is on the web—
5.heres some good beginner songs come as you are/NirvanaEight days a week/Beatles
6. Practice daily !!!!!

learn bass guitar (read all 2 entries…)
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Ive recently purchased a new Bass Guitar and i’m taking lessons soon. I played years ago in Orchestra so im not a total newb. Its an black Ibanez.


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