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  1. 1. touch my toes
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  2. 2. be a mom
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  3. 3. Sing more and not be so afraid to sing out
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  4. 4. make a collage
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  5. 5. learn to embroider
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  6. 6. read one book a week
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  7. 7. learn to breakdance
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  8. 8. say yes more
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How I did it
How to get my license
It took me
4 months
It made me

How to manage my lactose intolerance
It took me
2 months
It made me
feel much better

How to get a college degree
It took me
9 years
It made me

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Recent entries
say yes more

This is also my new year’s resolution! 2008 was marked with lots of negativity for me, lots of saying no, no thanks, no. Well, enough of that!

read one book a week

I used to be able to read one book a day! The internet has ruined my attention span. I’ve already done one book this week, just have to pick my next one!

learn to embroider
Make good use of my needlecraft book!

I bought a book on needlecraft two years ago because it was on sale, but so far I’ve only managed to use the knitting and crochet sections of it. I also have all this embroidery thread lying around from my childhood days when I used to make friendship bracelets. Time to get my money’s worth!

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