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How I did it
How to procrastinate less
It took me
5 years
It made me

How to donate blood
It took me
4 years
It made me

How to be more honest
It took me
30 days
It made me
a much better wife.

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Improve my photography
i love photography........

I’ve always wanted to be an artist in some media and I take pretty decent pictures. My long term goal is to improve their quality from good to art. I secretly dream of having my stuff in a gallery. I want to be an artist…but I have doubts…sigh…

clean more
who has accomplished this?? tell me how you did it...

I think that its pretty funny that there isn’t an “how I did it” entry under this goal. we all must have pretty trashy places. :)

be more friendly
waitressing helps

It seems easier to be outgoing at work because Im a waitress I have to actually talk to people. this has actually been good for me because it has forced me to do something that is uncomfortable for me. luckily I only work on the weekends. I used to hate my job because of the people interaction but now i love/like it. if you are nice to people they are usually nice to you. :) who knew??

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