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  1. 1. run away to the south of France
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  2. 2. Learn to swing dance
    1,164 people
  3. 3. Learn ASL
    406 people
  4. 4. Learn French
    12,882 people
  5. 5. eat cookie like cookie monster
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  6. 6. get Josh's bike fixed
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  7. 7. see Royal Tenenbaums
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  8. 8. see Lost In Translation
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  9. 9. see Dr. Strangelove
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  10. 10. see High Fidelity
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  11. 11. see Run Lola Run
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  12. 12. Learn to play chess
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get Molly tested for allergies

Didn’t really need to do this. Instead I (Josh) just fed Molly shrimp and crab ‘til we realized she’s not actually allergic. I did it sneakily. Except not.

get Molly's bike fixed


i fixed my bike….turns out it wasnt really broken


haha what was it


the sound was because the pedal hit against the kickstand evey time it went around..and i just now figured that out so i pushed the kickstand in more and now its fine

save slash destroy world
Good times for all. Always.

The title says it all. Somehow, Molly and Josh meeting was exactly what the world needed, slash always feared. The phrases they used in daily conversation were bad slash awesome enough as it was, but together they were unstoppable. So soon after meeting on the night of September 23rd, 2005, a short conversation about the show “Quantum Leap” led to a series of future, already-determined events that would bring about the eventual destruction and saving of the world as we know it. And eventually, phrases coined early on would seep back into black culture (probably due to the discussion revolving around the words “main squeeze” in a first season episode of Quantum Leap), so that popular hip-hop lyrics – such as “this is how we do” – would be forever secretly known as the creation of this duo. Step aside, Dre.

The plan was simple. Soon after the realization of the paradox quickly trapping them, Molly and Josh decided on a course of action that would include the immediate design and construction of a time machine. The phrases used and combined on that first night were already working their way around the world. Soon enough, all human life on earth would be gone. Fortunately, their plan included saving one life (I mean these are nice kids) from the very beginning, a well-traveled deaf pilot by the name of Beethoven. It would be under the direction of Beethoven that these two would spend some time taking a vacation, running away briefly to the south of France, stopping in Paris, running with tigers in the jungles of Africa.

But when the fun was over, they held up a sign to Beethoven telling him thanks for everything, and stepped back into the time machine. They arrived back shortly before that fateful first day, with only an inkling of the knowledge that they had indeed destroyed slash saved the world. It really was good times, good times for all. Always.


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