Get better at taking macro pictures of nature
Good site for tricks

Mark Plonsky is taking fabulous macro pictures of insects with affordable material (Powershot G3 and a couple of add-on lenses). He shares his tricks on his Website: http://www.mplonsky.com/photo/article.htm.
Here is just one example:

Live a values-based life
Not an easy one!

When you are a student without any money, it’s easy to live a values-base life. But as soon as you get the money to have almost all the stuff you dream of, the values sometimes comes in second place. For me, environment an healthy living are the most important values for the next year… let’s see how my (an my family’s) efforts will lead to a better values-based life!

have less paper in my life
Paperless office? ... let's give it a try!

I will really do a big effort to hit the «print» button as less as possible.

Help the tsunami victims in some way
Don à la Croix Rouge canadienne

100$ given to the Canadian Red Cross… hope this will help.

make a smaller ecological footprint

We (our family) are getting greener each year. The major goal for 2005: buy only the stuff we really need and try to get used items when it is possible.

Attend Building Basecamp in Seattle

I just signed-in last week for the january workshop… so the goal will be reached in less than a month!



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