call/thank my parents

because i should.
and i haven’t said it enough.

spend more time with her

because we started out only being able to see each other once a month.
because we have overcome so much.
because i know that we will have to face harder challenges.
because i know we’ll be fine.
because we’ll be “us”.

find faith

i dunno.

i can’t help but feel like i really disappointed my folks in that i don’t go to church regularly. even though i feel better after going to church, more often than not, i prefer to just think about how much God blessed me quietly, by myself or with a drink, over a pretty scene.

i like the solitude over being surrounded by the masses, i guess… no pun intended.

Learn to play the piano
dyslexic and all thumbs

i am maybe one of the most uncoordinated people you may (n)ever meet!

i can play the guitar, and do it fairly well. i just wish i had stuck with the piano like my mother insisted when i was much younger so it would almost feel natural.

go back to Australia
old enough now.

okay, okay.

apparently, i’ve been here, there, a bit of everywhere. i’ve met him, her, it, and shook their hand. you might even say that i’ve got the t-shirt.

except… i was too young to remember anything more than images, really. i don’t remember the smells, the feel of the things, the wildlife.

but i will…

know my limits
in... whatever.

it is what it is. sports, boozing, anything.

i was once told “never believe your own hype”. you can lie to other people all you want, but i guess in the end, you really should just be true to yourself. work on shortcomings instead of hiding them.

how preachy!

run faster

never really great at it, but i just feel like i’ve really let myself slip at running the past year and change.

visit every baseball park in america
great pastime

okay, so i’ve only gone to a few. yankee stadium, shea, veterans, angels, kansas city (whatever that’s called) and camden yards. i love walking around the ballparks.

it’s funny to watch the little differences between them. for example, at angels stadium, i waited 4 innings for a hot dog vendor before realizing that there weren’t any. there was chinese food and fruit salad vendors, though!

could you imagine going to the bronx or shea and ordering a “fruit cup”?



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