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  1. 1. Make my own recipe book
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  2. 2. refresh my French.
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  3. 3. update my website
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  4. 4. Go to the World Cup
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  5. 5. Control my tongue ("If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.")
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  6. 6. design my own clothes
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  7. 7. exercise regularly
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  8. 8. Get more sleep
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  9. 9. Learn how to fly a helicopter
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  10. 10. find an art gallery to represent me
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  11. 11. Skydive
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  12. 12. Learn to surf
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  13. 13. Re-learn Hebrew
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Recent entries
Go to the World Cup

My boyfriend and I have already started to find places to stay, now we are just waiting for the tickets to go on sale!!! We also already have our tickets… first class baby!!! OMG it makes everything so my better!!! I’m so excited this is going to be an amazing experience and the best thing I could have wished for right out of college!!!!

Of course that it just the beginning, we are going to stay in South Africa and then head to India or Israel, we haven’t decided yet… Do some traveling mostly but also so volunteer work!

This is going to be amazing!!!!!

design my own clothes
I've started and thats a start...

I’ve been designing and making my own clothes since I was about 10 or so, maybe younger… My mom gave me my grandmothers sewing machine after she past away and I have been sewing with it for years. Recently I bough myself a beautiful singer and she runs so great!!!

Now I just want to start earning some money for all the clothes I’m making, they don’t all fit in my closet anymore! lol… I also recently started making other useful household things, my favorite is my new pillows. i got some beautiful fabrics and buttons with ribbons too… They look just like they’ve come from a magazine, and hopefully someday my designs will really be in those magazines!!!

Get a tattoo
My tattoo...

It took me forever to decide what to get… I sketched for about a year and a half and finally cam up with a beautiful design. It is in the shape of a Mazuza with an ohm in the middle. Then I had to find a tatto artist that I trusted… which took about 6 or so months. I finally found her and had her do a few re-sketches that she felt made it fit to my body better… The a week later my boyfriend and I went into the tattoo parlor and both got our tattoos… Both on our backs. It was completely painful and I almost fainted once, we had to stop and get me some food… But that was because it is straight down my spine and was hitting all my nerves… so ridiculous.

But I am so glad that I got it and am in the process of sketching out my next one which will not be anywhere near my spine!!! lol… I love my tattoo and will forever. Even though it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced!


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