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  1. 1. dec 2011-dec 2012:year of proving myself
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  2. 2. neet 2013
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  3. 3. lists
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  4. 4. Be emotionally independent
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  5. 5. Lose 15kgs
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How I did it
How to inspire someone
It took me
90 days
It made me

How to get a relaxing, creative, productive weekend routine
It took me
30 days
It made me

How to write to god
It took me
7 days
It made me

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january- emotionally independent

neet 2013
how m i doing it?

how m i doing it?
rule 1
i am dividing my study materail in 5 categories abcde
a-most imp which i have not red yet
b- read but not too confident
c-read and confident
d-not too imp
e-can be left altogether

rule 2-i aim to read a certain no. of pages in half hr and see if i am able to do it.i m trying to stretch myself from the no. of pages i cn comfortably read to a no. higher than that

rule3-after each half hr i take a 10 min brk and do sumthng that boosts me more abt my goal like readng goal oriented books

what is helping me the most?
dividing things into a b c d e as i cant read everythng but m reading the imp ones first

what didnt work?
cutting back on my sleep.my brain stops working and watching tv.it wastes lot of time

what did i do when i blew it?
well i have not find the solutn to this.but i have written a motivational msg over my soft board

“WINNERS NEVER QUIT.START AGAIN NOW”.i am trying to stop beating myself whn i make mistake

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