is missing everyone that has died

speak spanish fluently

I want to learn enough spanish to describe how I loved my daughter

meditate every day

This is the most important thing I feel I can be doing for myself. This is a self refueling process. I am worth the time and find peace in my meditation daily.

learn yoga

Its time to treat my body like I matter! I want to ease the stress of my weight off my body and learn yoga with my hubby!

Find my true purpose in life

My true purpose is what I yearn to become. I am ready for my life to really bloom. I am no longer scared of my success. I Love myself and only get the best from people and life.

finish my novel and have it published
Now is my time!

30 is my year. My longest desire is to be an author. Yet I have always quietly simmered with that desire. No longer. I am going to use my father in law’s computer and write my story. Now I am ready to share with the world my point of view. I am writing the best book ever. I know I am getting what I always wanted to write something that made people cry. I am dedicating it to the people who helped shape my heart: AnnaBelle my beloved daughter, who taught me love is stronger than even death. That instead of looking to make more money, I look to find more love to give and receive. My Grandma Julia, who guided me with love, my aunt Donna for being such a fine example of love. My husband for showing me how to love and what it felt like to be loved. Nicole cause I promised I would. Daniel because you will not ever be able to read my words, so please know I write them with you in mind and will never forget you. My parents for having me and my boys for being here on this earth. You make everyday better and every obstacle smaller just by being my sons. I love you always!

enjoy and appreciate the wonderful man I love

I am married to the best man I know. He gave me my happiest birthday a couple of days ago. This is my first birthday I have had no tears on my day. Could it be any better that this is how he eased me into my 30’s…so sexy!

Start my own business
Got my business license on my BDay Baby!

My time is now! Here we come world! Levi and Julie forever!

have no regrets
Life is for living

Everything has a time and place. My time is now, all I want is to enjoy my family everyday we are blessed to be together!



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