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  1. 1. Live instead of exist
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    657 people
  2. 2. lose weight
    41,974 people
  3. 3. learn to swim
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    3,446 people
  4. 4. learn Mandarin
    1,372 people
  5. 5. be brave
    480 people
  6. 6. drive on my own
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  7. 7. learn how to park my car
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  8. 8. learn to pole dance
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  9. 9. Dance like Luam
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  10. 10. be brave enough to take Luam's class
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  11. 11. stop pulling my hair
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  12. 12. stop popping my knuckles
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  13. 13. train my dog
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  14. 14. get completely soaked in the rain
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  15. 15. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
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  16. 16. get abs
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  17. 17. Be on time. Everyday. Instead of never...
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  18. 18. Stop being envious of others
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  19. 19. swim with a whale shark
    61 people
  20. 20. Learn how to Drift
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  21. 21. see the aurora borealis
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  22. 22. get enough sleep
    627 people
  23. 23. Skydive
    11,446 people
  24. 24. visit a new place every month
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How to swim in a volcano
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fire a gun in a shooting range
AK-47 & M16

In Vietnam, they have this tourist attraction called the Cu Chi Tunnels – underground tunnels used by Vietnamese Guerrila troops to combat American soldiers. They had a shooting range there which allowed you to fire various weapons (a machine gun, an AK47, M16, etc) and man, it was awesome. Ahhhhh the beauty of being in an Asian country, there aren’t as many rules. I didn’t even have to sign a waiver or put on safety gear. I just bought the bullets (expensive, btw) and pulled the trigger. So if you ever find yourself in Saigon, visit the tunnels and make sure you save money for the gun range. Prepare to have your ears ring afterwards cuz the headphones/earplugs they give you are designed for listening to music not blocking out the sound of a military combat weapon.

get over him
they were right - time heals

out of sight out of mind.
no more torturing self with thoughts of what could’ve been.
make new friends. go on dates!
no more replaying angry thoughts of how he cheated on you.
put effort into self-appearance, look good and enjoy the compliments.
retail therapy helps.
remember how great life is without the complications of a jerk boyfriend.
cherish every opportunity that you couldn’t take advantage of in a relationship.
enjoy the freedom & independence.
always know you deserve the best.

learn how to park my car
I can drive places..

But I don’t know what to do with my car when I get to my destination. I’m too scared to park for fear I’ll hit something.

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