Practice Yoga
It's really freaking hard.

Ok, so the family I nanny for is going to be gone for a week, so I will have slightly more free time. I should really go to a yoga class, there is a studio about two blocks from my apartment. It is so hard but it feels really good afterwards. It’s also a little intimidating because I am about as flexible as a ninety year old and I will look like a fool!

Visit Italy
It's so much fun!

I can’t wait to go back someday!

sleep in a hammock
Its lovely!

Do it!

cause a scandal
worth doing, but not very often

It is worth doing at least once I think, just for the experience.

fly in a hot air balloon
My Dream!

My dream is to fly in a hot air balloon on my birthday in Steamboat Springs with a man I love!! It would be so romantic! I won’t do it until I have a lover to do it with me.

watch less tv
Just give it away!!

I gave away my television to charity one month ago. It is really good for me, especially since this is the first time I have ever lived without roommates and I think I would be tempted to watch it while alone in my apartment. Instead I do homework, or go out, or just day dream. And I get a lot more sleep.

go skinny dipping
Should be done on a regular basis!

Though I admit it’s been a while for me, I better get on that!

pay off my debt
No $$$

After I graduate that is. One thing at a time.

Slightly less than One year to go

I know that this is a unique time in my life, and I should enjoy every minute of it, but I still can’t wait to graduate!! I can’t wait to ditch my 3 jobs, and not have to do homework when I get home from work! I can’t wait to move out of the city! I can’t wait to start earning a real income! And have free time to work towards other goals. Graduate school kicks my butt!

live in Australia

This was absolutely worth doing, I met so many people, had so much fun, and saw beautiful places. I also grew a lot more independent by living in another country on my own, even if it was just for a little while. It gave me the courage to do other things I wanted to do, like backpack in Europe!



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