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  1. 1. write a novel
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  2. 2. do more art
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  3. 3. pay off my student loans
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  4. 4. go to the park, the beach, get out of the city more.
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  5. 5. Fall in love
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  6. 6. buy a guitar
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  7. 7. not care about ignorant people and what they think of me and everyone else
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  8. 8. get a job, and keep it.
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  9. 9. bahai
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  10. 10. follow a pesco-vegetarian diet
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  11. 11. improve my spanish
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  12. 12. get a flat stomach
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  13. 13. Run
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get a job and keep it (read all 2 entries…)

well, I got a job. I start tomorrow.

go to the park, the beach, get out of the city more.

I’m from arizona, but now live in a densly populated county in florida. I understand the importance of leaving town, going up that hill, and suddenly human civilization is so small and over shadowed, by the beauty and wonder of nature. I feel like people are from two worlds. Our purpose lies within the people world, but our souls must touch with the spiritual world, a place where you put your intelect on hold and think and concentrate in a medium that has no words or human descriptives. Going to a quite place where its just you the sky and the other beings in nature, where pavements and roads don’t exist or have any meaning. it’s just you completely absorbed in the surroundings of nature and the feeling of Gods presence, without being aware of ones own self in relation to the world. Every now and then I need to go for a hike, or a walk, or stroll down the beach, this leaves me with a feeling of adjustment, repaired, and spritualy whole again, to brace the world again.

Fall in love

love is a gift-and it makes life so much sweeter and meaningful.
I don’t feel entitled, I can see that not everyone finds love…it’s just on my wish list in life, but not part of the plan, kind of like winning the lottery-only I hope I have much better odds with love!

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