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  1. 1. stop being so bossy
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  2. 2. calm down
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  3. 3. have a baby
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  4. 4. find a place to live
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find a place to live

my aunt and uncle offered to let me stay with them so i moved our of the dorms thinking it would be great. They had recently moved down there and i thought it was fate, i’d get to save some money and live with family. Plus it was only going to be for 4 months while i finished school. Well 1 month later i came home to find a for lease sign in the front yard. They didn’t even tell me before they posted it for the world. Now i have no where to go and think i’m going to drop out of school and move back home

Have a baby

I’m in nursing school right now but have always thought that i should have kids by 27, and its coming fast! Not sure if i should finish school then do it, or will i want to start working first.. i feel like theres always a reason to wait, maybe we should just do it and let everything fall into its place…. I really want to start our family, I just want to know we will be financially ready, ya know?

stop being so bossy

I have a very bossy nature, i feel the need to be in control and to control thoes around me. Even for the smallest thing, i think i get a sense of power by getting people to see it my way and changing their mind when i disagree with them. I feel bad for my husband, he is so sweet and hates to fight about stupid things, while i am just the opposite and feel the need to fight over every aspect of life!!! help


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