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  1. 1. buy rolexs for my family
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  2. 2. get a job @mnc
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  3. 3. Maintain a positive attitude
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  4. 4. go to the caribbean
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  5. 5. travelling round the world
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  6. 6. backpack europe
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  7. 7. become a teacher
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  8. 8. buy dlsr camera
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  9. 9. have a macbook
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  10. 10. become a part time lecturer/ teacher
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  11. 11. take my master degree
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  12. 12. get a new position
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How I did it
How to bike to work
It took me
1 year
It made me

How to lose weight
It took me
1 year
It made me

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Maintain a positive attitude
the secret

law of attraction, be postive all day. Keep your mind positive. Avoid all negative thinkings.

law of attractions, human positive transmission

have iphone
i want to have iphone

iphone here i come

cure my sinus

not cure it exactly. At least i went to the doctor and have it checked, and yes i got a lil’ bit sinus. But it makes me feel a okay, at least i know the situation of this thing

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