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stop masturbating (read all 125 entries…)
suicide denial

I love the Lord, and I fear Him
but my flesh is weak, and my mind is puzzled
sometimes my lust overcome my sanity

O Lord, can you please take me away?,
I am so sad that I becoming hypocrite too;
say that I love you, not prove with an act.

How can I get over with this cycle?
How can I understand every situation during the battle?
my body is getting weaker, because I fell so depress
lunch is not important for me anymore;
because I failed to be a good servant of God.

I lost 3 kg, I wasted 3 weeks
and I still not wake up from my dream
what should I do when the trials come, when I feel proud about myself
that I can do it in a week?

Lord, forgive my sins, for I have no more to say about this
you yourself examine my heart, you know the best for me.
perhaps, Can you take me with you when I won the battle?

stop masturbating (read all 125 entries…)
I did once a week

wanna try a month ,
step by step … I believe I Can through Christ in Me

Amen Lord

stop masturbating (read all 125 entries…)
I failed

but it doesn’t make me stop, I’ll move on tho once i fell
i don’t care what’s the world said, though His spirit convicted me,
I know I’m wrong but what can i do after all I did, I can return back at that time and change my act?

do not keep thinking how to do it, just get away from it. and be firm, right now i failed tho my relationship with God getting closer, somehow feel depart again after I did this crap again. please Pray for me! just pray for Mr.K4170

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