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Fill up a cemetery with photos.
St. Francis Cemetery

I went out to St. Francis cemetery the other day after reading about it on and realizing I’d never been out there. I took photos of every single grave (about 100) and plan on uploading them to find a grave so that distant families can find their loved ones.

The two most curious headstones read “Unknown Child of Mexican Descent”. There were two of these right next to each other. There was no other information and I don’t know anything of their history.

Sell all that shit piled up in the garages. (read all 5 entries…)
Off with it..

I’m tired of it and I can’t imagine spending a whole weekend trying to get you guys to buy this crap so I’m sending it all off to the Women’s Shelter. Good by crap.

Write Sidewalk Haiku on Fridays (read all 2 entries…)
Not so much

as we should have, but we did write a few times. It’s getting cold now and I’m tired of seeing this on my list so I’m moving the chalk to the virtual rubbish pile.

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