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give up soda (read all 5 entries…)
woo i did it

im really surprised i was able to stay off soft drink for a month

i did have a couple soft drinks on my birthday just after the month was completed. didnt have any caffeine till about 35 days after i started.

the good thing is im finding it much easy to not drink soft drink any more, drink more fruit juice or water.

i think it was well worth it as i wasnt as moody as i used to be.

now just to keep it up.

good luck to anyone whose currently doing this

give up soda (read all 5 entries…)
day 20 wooo

yay me 2/3s of the way there to my month long goal.

holy crap has it been difficult over the weekend. we had a dinner part on the weekend (just some friends over for food n wedding planning) and we had some coke in the fridge for those who wanted it.

I don’t think i have ever felt the urge for a coke this bad since the 1st day i really was wanting to open a can and chug it.

made it through the dinner was quite good food was interesting, without drinking, im conquering my urges but i still do miss it

Had the weirdest friggin dream last night, forget the specifics of whats going on but i do remember actuially dreaming of drinking soft drink and disappointing myself and friends. i had a rough nights sleep, stupid dreams rofl

well 10 more days to go and this goal is acheived – just in time for my birthday on april 1

give up soda (read all 5 entries…)
day 13 update

whew almost 1/2way through the month and its been an adventure.
cravings still hit me at weird times and this week has been tough, im on very early starts at work and never get enough sleep so normally a can of coke would go down a treat ( if u havent figured it out by now im not a gr8 fan of pepsi) like a mornign coffee would for most.

think im beginning to get sick of apple juice and i have never been big on just plain water.

I think ive mentioned it before but giving up softdrink makes eating fast food hard. which is a good and a bad thing, good in that i eat to much anyways, but the last 6 months ive cust my fast food intake by about 90% its been good plus ive felt better. this month ive shared a pizza with my girl and thats been it, even resisted kfc last ngith and thats a rarity.

anyways as always onward and upward

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