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  1. 1. not kill myself
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  2. 2. explore the world
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  3. 3. go vegan
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  4. 4. learn korean
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  5. 5. stop procrastinating
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  6. 6. learn bass
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  7. 7. go to the Galapagos Islands
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  8. 8. slimmer waistline
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  9. 9. move out of my parents' house
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  10. 10. find all the lethal pressure points on the human body
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  11. 11. Beat my depression
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  12. 12. go to the gilman every weekend
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go spelunking

It was really intense. You might want to make sure you are fit and have adequite upper body strength before you go. I am very weak in my arms and had some trouble with some of the climbing. It was totally worth it though. It was so weird. It was the closest thing to a life-threatening experience i have ever had. There were times when it was like, “if i don’t do this right i am going to die” I don’t know if i would do it again, maybe. It was definitely an experience i am glad i had.

stop procrastinating

I think this one goes straight to number 1. If i wasnt procrastinating i wouldn’t even be on this website and i would be making conversation in korean while fixing my vegan dinner.

explore the world

exploring the world sounds like the coolest thing you could ever do with your life!

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