Karley Jay

is gonna drag you out to the streets before you buckle at your knees.

I'm doing 6 things

Karley Jay's Life List

  1. 1. go completely vegan
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  2. 2. get my septum pierced
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  3. 3. Lose 10 pounds
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  4. 4. Dye my hair black
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  5. 5. become closer to my mom
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  6. 6. get all mangas and episodes of Fruits Basket
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How I did it
How to eat healthier
It took me
5 months
It made me

How to become a vegetarian
It took me
1 day
It made me

Recent entries
get all mangas and episodes of Fruits Basket

I. Must. Do. This.

write a poem with meaning

This is a war.

Starving in the day,

Sleep deprived at night.

If someone calls you pretty,

They can’t be right.

Hideous, ugly, disgusting, fat.

These words swarm in your head.

Honey when you’re thin enough,

You’re gonna be dead.

Dye my hair black

I’ve had my hair naturally brown, brown & pink, blonde, bleached & red, bleached & pink[currently], and its time for black.

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